21 April 2021

Digital Advertisement Revolutionizing the Stock Music Industry

Stock music industry are becoming micro multinationals via social platforms such as Facebook, Amazon...

01 April 2021

Rising Number of Patient Pool to Impact the Surgical Incision Closure Devices Market

Wound closure is essential as an open wound can lead to infection. Based on the duration of wound he...

01 April 2021

Robotics to Play a Significant Role in the Machine Tool Industry

The revolution of industries is modernizing the equipment used in the production and manufacturing a...

24 March 2021

Electronic Medical Records Market : Era of Disruption

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created immense digital transformation in the healthcare industry. This...

23 March 2021

Advent of Nanoparticles to Impact Antimicrobial Wound Care Market Growth

In the recent years, wound dressing is developed with the antimicrobial coatings. These antimicrobia...

23 March 2021

COVID-19 Testing Market is to Create Newer Opportunities in the Medical Industry

The resurgence of the coronavirus across countries is creating new demand in the COVID-19 testing ma...

05 March 2021

Top 9 Critical IT Infrastructure Vendors Operating in the Data Centers in Southeast Asia

The competition among vendors in the Southeast Asia Data Centers is highly dependent on their end-t...

24 February 2021

Golf Cart Industry is Adopting Driverless Cart Technology

Golf is a popular game that is played in more than 190 countries, while the top 20 countries current...

19 January 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on the Electric Motors Industry

Industrial electric motors translate electrical energy into mechanical energy. These motors are used...

18 January 2021

Top 6 Vendors in the Global Inverter Generator Market

The global inverter generator market competition is expected to strengthen with product extension, g...

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