27 August 2020

Is Electromechanical and Mechanical Locks the Best Solution for Security?

The rising demand for digital security and access control solutions is one the primary factors contr...

27 August 2020

Is Rapid Prototyping Emerging as a ‘New Technology’ in the Global Investment Casting Market?

The need for automation and efficient industrial processes is propelling the growth and development ...

27 August 2020

Is Pulse Oximeter an Effective Option during the COVID-19 Pandemic?| Global Pulse Oximeter Industry Report 2025

The outbreak of COVID-19 is fueling the demand for pulse oximeters as it helps to diagnose the sympt...

05 August 2020

Vacuum Packaging: An Effective Way to Increase the Shelf Life of Food

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of the product by more than 50% compared to normal shelf lif...

24 July 2020

Who are the Most Prominent 3D Printing Market Leaders?

The global 3D printing market is projected to reach approximately $29 billion, growing at a CAGR of ...

09 April 2020

How Wearable Technology is Redefining Industry Horizon?

Wearables are device that can be worn on the body and help to gather data. These devices are no long...

18 February 2020

Board Games – Are you Kidding me!

Board games are an excellent way of teaching communication skills and language arts to kids and adul...

14 February 2020

Aseptic Packaging – Increasing Shelf Lives of Dairy Products

The aseptic packaging has been adopted in high volume in dairy product packaging. Since aseptic pack...

14 February 2020

Transplant Diagnostics – Curing the incurable

Transplant diagnostics involves the assessment of aspects, such as compatibility testing, safety tes...

07 February 2020

Maple Water Market – Healthy Drinks lead to healthy Lifestyle

Maple water, which is known as sap, is a clear liquid that flows for a short period during the sprin...

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