6 Leading Vendors in the Electrolyte and Vitamin Water Market by 2023

24 April 2018

Electrolyte and vitamin water promotes a healthy lifestyle, develops an immune system, energize, and aids in countering stress. Vitamin water acts as substitutes for soft drinks, juices, and carbonated drinks and helps in reducing incidences of obesity and diabetes in the global market. The government agencies across the world are imposing high taxes and spreading consumer awareness about the ill effects of sugary drinks and food items, thereby driving the demand for electrolyte and vitamin water in the global market. The growing demand for drinks such as electrolytes, naturally processed juices, coconut water, and dairy products will create new opportunities for leading vendors in the global vitamin water market. The growing efforts to increase the awareness about these alternative beverages through celebrity endorsements, marketing campaign, and social media promotions will boost the demand for these products in the global market.

The electrolytes and vitamin water market is estimated to generate values of around $8 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 10% during 2018-2023.

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Read: Electrolyte and Vitamin Water Market is Estimated to Worth $8 Billion by 2023

The top six vendors in the electrolytes and vitamin water market are listed below:

1.    Glaceau (Coca Cola)

Glaceau Smartwater is vapor-distilled water with added electrolytes and was launched in 1998. The company launched a new product, adding vitamins and natural flavors to the Smartwater. It was designed to fill the gap between soft drinks and water for health-conscious consumers who wanted to drink more water but werent; Vitamin Water was targeted primarily at adults. With fewer calories than soda, the company positioned the drink which both hydrates the consumers and provides nutrients they are likely missing. The company is also introducing bottled water beverages with fortifications like infused herbs and essential oils to gain a larger market share.

Key News: Glaceau in September 2010 rebranded version of the 10-calorie drink was introduced to the Canadian market, although Vitaminwater Zero is still exclusively a US product.

2.    Pepsico

Pepsico sells beverage concentrates, finished goods, and fountain syrups under various self-owned brands and also manufactures & distributes brands licensed from several brands. The company launched fortified bottled water by introducing the Propel Fitness Water in the US and launched H2OH, a variant of bottled water enriched with vitamins and minerals in Brazil. Pepsico is focusing on entering into joint ventures with regional players present in many countries to expand its portfolio by accommodating the known regional brands in the vitamin water market.

Key News: PepsiCo launched a brand of pH balanced purified bottled water with added electrolytes in 2017.

3.    Danone

Danone is involved in research, development, and innovations in the food and beverage sector with a mission to deliver healthy products to all its consumers around the globe. The company has four brands under its umbrella including Aqua, Evian, Mizone, and Bonafont. Danone’s Evian bottled water contains electrolytes, and the company entered the vitamin enhanced bottled water by launching the brand Mizone in China in 2003. The company has a strong R&D network enabling it to engage in the competitive landscape and coming out with newer and better versions of its products in the vitamin water market.

Key News: Danone has set a growth strategy to integrate its economic, social, and business goals by 2030. The company will follow the agenda of the UN to provide better food products.

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4.    Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well manufacturers and sells substitutes to high sugar beverages like sodas, carbonated drinks, and juices. The company launched its enhanced electrolyte and vitamin water with a portfolio that includes seven variants of still vitamin and electrolyte water and two variants of sparkling bottled water enriched with vitamins and electrolytes. Vitamin Well’s sparkling bottled water is fortified with vitamins D and B12, folic acid, biotin, and no sugar.

Key News: Vitamin Well has opportunities to introduce fortified ready-to-drinks beverages like teas and coffees and other functional beverages in the global vitamin water market.

5.    Big Red Inc

Big Red Inc started as a soda manufacturer, and it sells the products through its channels and third parties. The company forayed into the segment of vitamin and electrolyte enhanced bottled water by the acquisition of Hydrive Energy Water in 2012. Hydrive was founded in 2006 and manufactures zero-calorie flavored beverages enriched with vitamins and caffeine. The company offers six flavors of the bottled vitamin water, and the products are readily available in the US and Canada.

Key News: Big Red Inc is focusing on introducing new products in the functional beverage segment to boost its revenues in the vitamin water market.

6.    Talking Rain

Talking Rain has its first line of product which was flavored and nutrient enriched sparkling water, and it includes a wide portfolio flavored and unflavored mineral water under its brand name. The company offers vitamin water and enriched beverages through its brand Sparkling Ice. The variants in the brand portfolio include 14 flavors of sparkling bottled water enriched with vitamins. Sparkling Ice also offers five variants of tea flavored bottled sparkling water and two variants of lemonade flavored bottled water.

Key News: Talking rain has a strong network of sales in five countries including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica in the vitamin water market.

The other prominent players in the electrolytes and vitamin water market are Beltek Canadian Water (Wild), Narang Group, Unique Foods, Giant Beverages, NongFu Springs, CBD Naturals, Nestle, Karma Culture LLC, Ten Water, Pocari Sweat, Pervida, New York Spring Water, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Kick20, Fiji Water, Essentia, BAI, and 3 Water.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Electrolyte and Vitamin Water MarketYou may reach us at


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