Alternative Energy Sources To Fuel The American Data Center Power Market by 2023

12 April 2018

Data centers are the backbone of the modern world. With the development of intelligent and innovative infrastructure and growing demand for cloud computing, Internet of things (IoT), and big data analytics growth of the data center power market is getting a boost. The increasing adoption of converged and hyper-converged solutions and virtualization is fueling the need for high-performance computing (HPC) in the market. The increase rack power density of the IT infrastructure is propelling the requirement of efficient power sources in the data center market. The introduction of lithium-ion batteries and adoption of fuel cells will reduce the energy consumption and result in cost savings in the data center power market. Additionally, increasing focus on building green data centers that ensure a PUE of 1.0 1.2 will lead to innovations in the market.

The data center power market in Americas is anticipated to generate revenues of around $5.1 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 5% during 2018-2023.

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The different type of electrical infrastructure available in the data center power market are:

·         Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems are a critical component of continuous operations and help prevent data center power failure in the market. UPS systems comprise components such as rectifiers to charge the battery and inverters to convert the power from DC to AC for the infrastructure. There are three types of UPS systems topology used in data centers includes standby UPS, line interactive UPS, and double conversion UPS systems. The implementation of flywheel technology allows to store energy in motion, and during an outage, the flywheel’s energy is converted back to electrical energy to power the IT infrastructure. The introduction of rack-level UPS systems in modular infrastructure will transform the data center power market.

·         Generator

Generators are adopted by data center operators to make sure that they operate at 100% availability irrespective of the changes in incoming power from utility grids. The three main types of generators available in the market diesel generators, natural gas or liquid propane generators, and bi-fuel generators. The procurement of generators is mainly to supply power backup in MWs. Generators in data centers are designed with N+1 or N+N redundancy in tier II and tier III data centers. The vendors are designing generators for tier IV facilities that are designed with 2N redundancy. The increasing adoption of diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply (DRUPS) systems will result in the evolution of the data center power market. These systems are reliable, efficient, and require no maintenance.

·         Transfer Switches & Switchgear

Transfer switches and switchgear are used in data centers for switching incoming power from the utility grid or generators. The power from the switches is transferred to UPS systems and IT equipment. The two types of transfer switched available in the market are automatic transfer switch (ATS) and static transfer switch (STS). The data center power vendors are designing hybrid transfer switches that can provide benefits of both ATS and STS. Hybrid switches cost less than STS and provide greater reliability than ATSs. The use of transfer switch also depends on the power option of IT infrastructure, i.e., a single cord or a dual cord power supply.

·         Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Rack PDUs are used to supply power to the IT infrastructure inside racks, and they are connected to the UPS system in case of power outages. Rack PDUs are available in two forms mainly, horizontal and vertical. The constant innovations in rack PDUs in data centers have grown significantly in the past few years, owing to the concerns of consumption and power outages. PDUs are available with a variety of features and power capacities. Key players are also involved in offering PDUs in a variety of color for identification and additional features that include accessories such as mounting brackets, circuit breakers, whip cables, and outlet covers. The introduction of metered, monitored, or switched PDU, enabling remote monitoring of power supply in the IT infrastructure will attribute to the growth of the data center power market.

·         Other Electrical Infrastructure

The other infrastructure in data center power market comprises of utility transformer, lighting equipment, power cables and panels, busbar, circuit breakers, and transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) systems. With designing and construction of several modern data centers of tier 3 and tier 4 standards, many data centers are powered by dual feel from the utility to the IT infrastructure. The development of hyperscale data centers with on-site renewable generation solar or wind farm is augmenting the development of the data center power market.

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The top vendors in the data center power market are ABB, Eaton, General Electric, Schneider Electric, and Vertiv.View Ariztons Full Report On Data Center Power Market in AmericaRead Related Reports:

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