Are capture and production equipment making the world a safer place?

19 July 2019

Capture and production equipment constitute the backbone of city surveillance, video production, and broadcasting. The emergence of new technologies, rapid developments in the emerging market, the adoption of sustainable policies, and changing consumer preferences are expected to exponentially increase the usage of capture and production equipment in different sectors such as corporates, government and military, and hospitality. Further, disruptive technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, face recognition, and rapidly evolving connectivity services are contributing to the increased growth of the global capture and production equipment market.As terrorism is emerging a major global challenge, countries are upgrading their security protocols that include installation of smart surveillance cameras that use a combination of machine learning and face recognition to detect people in realtime. Law and enforcement agencies use surveillance cameras to prevent, detect, and resolve cases. These cameras have widened the effectiveness of security personnel, thereby providing a safe and secure environment.

APAC is emerging as the largest market for capture and production equipment due to the presence of established original equipment manufacturers (OEM)such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG Electronics, and Zicomin the APAC region is driving the growth of these equipment globally.

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Video Analytics to Propel Adoption of Advanced Cameras


Video analytics is an application of the Internet of Things(IoT),and it applies machine learning algorithms to the video feed,thereby enabling the automatic identification of people, objects, and situation. Video analytics technology can provide real-time data processing, improved accuracy, increased processing power, and actionable insights. These features have increased the adoption of video analytics in sectors,including city planning and healthcare. Further, IoT-based video analytics are used in the retail sector to understand age range, demographic profile, and customer behavior. Hence, the optimization of operations, enhancement of public safety, increase in employee productivity, and improvement in maintenance is expected to drive the adoption of video analytics in cities, retail outlets, vehicles, and work sites.Increasing Adoption in Educational Institutions
Educational institutes are emerging as one of the key end-users of capture and production equipment worldwide. Nowadays, technological advancements are driving university campuses. Smart campuses are using wireless technology and IoT to promote interconnectedness in university campuses. Globally, there is a push toward smart campuses and the consequent need for more engaging, immersive, and interactive learning worldwide. Several capture and production equipment such as documentation and professional cameras are becoming an integral part of university campuses. The adoption of capture and production equipment is also helping universities to manage the shortage of teachers. E-learning technology has created a buzz in the education industry. Infusing modern-day technologies in classroom learning further adds to the stimulus and enhanced interaction between learners and educators within the classroom.

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