The use of technology in medicine and healthcare is a combination of technological development and data boom. The data has been there for years with doctors, and paper format has been changed to electronic health records (EHR). AR technology has brought the solution for seamless information flow and accessibility to information at any point of time. Such benefits of using this technology will propel the demand in the augmented reality market in healthcare. The AR screens used in the healthcare industry will not only provide information about the patient’s medical status but also the performance of vital organs. The augmented reality market in healthcare is expected to reach revenues of more than $1.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 30% during 2018-2023.

Augmented Reality assisted Surgery

Augmented reality market in healthcare helps to perform complex surgeries without any geographical barriers and presence of experts at the operation table. AR has connected all the gaps and provided a seamless and smooth functioning of surgical procedures. Companies are developing innovative software that helps doctors to perform such surgeries. The surgeon in an operation theater can stream the video of the patient from any connected device such as smartphones and tablets to a subject matter expert in any part of the world. While in real time, the expert can guide the surgeon during the operations of the proceedings. The introduction of applications that offer surgery simulations with the help of AR will revolutionize the augmented reality market in healthcare.

AR assisted Rehabilitation

AR helps in neuro-rehabilitation and makes the treatment more accessible and effective for patients suffering from strokes, phantom limb pains, and other forms of chronic limb pains. Rehabilitation is one of the major therapies for the patients with neurological disorders and the rise of neurological disorders and long-term disability in the aging population. Such rehabilitation services offer easy access to patients and are provided majorly at medical institutes with the help of development in the augmented reality market in healthcare. AR helps by providing real-time feedback using multiple projection surfaces to provide active visualizations without the therapist. Such efforts will revolutionize the healthcare industry. The leading companies in the augmented reality market in healthcare are developing effective solutions that provide patients effective rehabilitation that is supported by three major concepts such as repetition, feedback, and motivation.

AR assisted Training and Medical Education

Vendors in the augmented reality market in healthcare are developing solutions used in training and educating students and medical professionals. With the help of AR technology, students can stream live operations performed by experts in another city, country, or the continent. The advanced AR technology developed companies in the global market are used by experts that can augment back the live pictures with notes, textbook references, and diagrams. AR is helping medical students and young practitioners in gaining in-depth knowledge and practical experience rather than watching in the operation theater. AR will provide complete know-how of the process with relevant information in the form of references, guidelines, and notes in real time. These benefits of using AR technology will drive the growth of augmented reality market in healthcare.

The leading vendors in the augmented reality market in healthcare are Orca Health, Brain Power LLC, Medsight Tech, Accuvein, EchoPixel Inc, Augmedix, Atheer Inc, Aira, Proximie, and Kinosis Ltd.

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