Interactive Pet Monitors Market Analysis

Interactive Pet Monitors Market likely to Witness Entry of Many Major Vendors by 2022

Petcube, Motorola Mobility, and Reolink are major leaders in the market

Currently, the competitive scenario in the global interactive pet monitors market is moderate. As the products in the market are new, there are least expectations from customers in terms of the features offered. However, there are multiple vendors offering similar products from which customers can draw a comparison. A report by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence states that there will be intense price war among vendors during the period 2016−2022.

All the leading companies of the market have a presence in three major geographical regions: North America, APAC, and Europe. There are other vendors providing similar products specifications at low prices. This will intensify the price war among vendors during the forecast period. The market has the threat of infiltration with low-quality products from Chinese vendors. Major vendors continually compete among themselves for the leading position in the market, with occasional spurts of competition coming from other local vendors.

As many vendors in the interactive pet monitors market are small, they have either raised funding from crowdfunding campaigns or from investors. Major expenditure of small vendors is going into the development of their products, and since the technology is new, production costs are high in this initial phase. Although the expenditure going into the promotion is limited, it contributes to the total cost. The ASP of interactive pet monitors is on the higher side at present, however, they are expected to decline during the forecast period due to the decrease in the production and logistics cost as vendors are gaining technological expertise and optimizing their supply chain processes. Large vendors would continue to contribute toward the market by offering low-priced products in the future.

Petcube Inc.

Petcube was established in Ukraine in 2012 and is currently has its headquarters in the US. The company provides gadgets and mobile applications for pet owners. Petcube Play is the leading selling camera in the market mainly because of its attractive design and compact size. The company focuses to continue leading the market through innovative technology features in the pet care industry and expand distribution globally.

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.

Motorola Mobility, earlier Motorola, was founded in January 2011 and is headquartered in the US. It is offering one product, Motorola SCOUT66, in the interactive pet monitors market, which is compatible both with Android as well as iOS devices.  The company continously focuses on innovative product development.

Shenzhen Reolink Security Technology Co. Ltd.

Reolink is a Chinese company and was founded in 2009. It is dedicated to producing quality products in surveillance for both individuals as well as business owners with a focus on performance as well as service. The company offers Reolink Argus, Reolink Keen, C1, and C2. Both Reolink Argus and Reolink Keen are weatherproof and can be installed outdoors. These cameras also have motion detection technology that sends alert notifications to the owner in case of any suspicious activity. The company focuses on increasing its affiliate network to increase the sales.

The report also discusses major strengths, strategies, and opportunities of vendors and enlists the product portfolio. The interactive pet monitors market report also includes other vendors such as Tomofun, Petzila, iBaby Labs, CleverPet, Shanghai PETKIT, Feed and Go, Anser Innovation, and Pawbo.

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Global Precision Parts Market

Introduction of Innovative Products to Drive Global Coding and Marking Market

Coding and marking equipment are used to print product-specific details on the product. These details are to provide end-users and manufacturers authentic information about the product. Coding includes the printing of manufacturing dates, expiry dates, and the size of the packaged lot among other details. Printing of codes or marks printed on products helps manufacturers to reduce the risk of counterfeiting and protect the brand image among end-users.

Previously, the coding procedure was carried out manually, which was a labor-intensive process and was prone to errors. After the advent of highly reliable coding and marking machinery, it was largely adopted by companies across varied industries.

A report on Coding and Marking Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2022, by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, states that the coding and marking market is expected to flourish in the future. It also provides the leading trends, driving factors, and restraints that are going to drive the coding and marking market.

View report: Coding and Marking Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 - 2022

Vendors are increasingly manufacturing coding and marking equipment that are more graphic in nature. They are incorporating better, colorful, and easy-to-use touchscreens to help operators achieve a high level of control and increased productivity through simplified operations on their production and packaging lines. In addition, ink containers are being equipped with self-contained cartridges that have meters for easy and accurate visual assessment of color levels. These advances have helped the global coding and marking market vendors enhance the efficiency of coding and marking equipment. For instance, Hitachi introduced its new UX series in February 2017. This product line incorporates a low-pressure ink return system that pulsates the ink stream. This effectively reduce the air mixing with ink and minimize solvent evaporation, thereby reducing the overall running costs. This system also adds a new cartridge-type system that makes the ink replacement process clean and simple by eliminating the need or pouring fluids. Using this system, right up to the last drop of fluid can be used which results in less wastage. The trend of introducing efficient equipment is likely to gain significant traction during the forecast period and will drive the overall coding and marking market growth.

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