Luxury Wood Furniture Market Analysis

Aesthetics, Functionality, and Global Wood Furniture Market

Furniture made of wood is gaining popularity across geographies. From small-sized houses to commercial spaces and hotels, there is an increased want for wooden furniture. Functional and in innovative designs, furniture made of wood are not only comfortable, but also adds to the ambience.

North America is currently the biggest market wood furniture market both in the residential as well as the commercial space. Over the next five years, the market in North America and Europe is, however, expected to slow down on account of saturation and APAC is tipped to emerge as the fastest growing market.

Global Wood Furniture Market: Insight

According to a market research report, Wood Furniture Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2023, by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global market is expected to cross $ 74 billion by 2023, growing at an impressive CAGR of more than 2.6%.

Demand for luxury furniture, growth in real estate industry, increase in the millennials population, rapidly growing urban population, use of low cost furniture in APAC countries, preference of wood over other materials, growth in small-sized houses, and growth in tourism and hospitality industry are some factors that will drive the growth of the wood furniture market over the next five years. Rise in awareness toward preservation of forests and rise in working population in major markets will also be instrumental in driving the growth of the market.

Global Wood Furniture Market: Key Vendor Analysis

The major vendors profiled in the report are:

  • Ashley Furniture
  • Duresta Upholstery
  • IKEA
  • Giovanni Visentin
  • Laura Ashley
  • Williams-Sonoma,

The other prominent vendors include, Allied Trade Group, Costco, Godrej & Boyce, Herman Miller, HNI, J.C. Penny, Kimball International, Seers Holdings, Steelcase, Target Corporation, Tesco, Walmart, and Wayfair.

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Global condom market

Female Condoms - Empowerment beyond the Conventional

Empowerment exceeds conventional boundaries. And, so do equality, and responsibility.

Women, today, share the responsibility with their partners in all fields of life. Wellness being no exception. This is one of the primary factors behind the rapid growth in the demand for female condoms globally.

Empowered through education and awareness, women today are stepping-up to take responsibility and actions in not only helping prevent unwanted childbirth, but also stop the menace of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Most women today, across geographies and cultures, are open to try female contraceptives and many of them, and not their partners, admitted to being the one to take the initiative to use contraceptives.

Global Female Condom Market: Insight

Perceived to be health-friendly, as they do not influence natural hormones, female contraceptives do not cause ill-effects on health, unlike pills and injection shots. They can potentially also enhance sexual foreplay between the partners wherein the woman can derive extra stimulation of clitoris on account of the condom’s external ring design. Made up of non-latex products such as nitrile and polyurethane, they are safer to use and can be purchased without a prescription across the globe, except the US.

With the sex ratio skewed toward females in various regions, including North America, Russia, Eastern Europe, and a majority of South African countries, the potential market for female condom is expanding rapidly. According to a market research report, Condom Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2018−2023 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global female condom market is tipped to post a CAGR of 18.92% in terms of value during 2017–2023.

Global Female Condom Market: Key Vendor Analysis

The increasing demand for female contraceptives globally has seen a sudden influx of manufacturers trying to cash-in on this growing market. As of now, the female condom market has around 6–7 major manufacturers catering to the market demand.

Till now, companies such as Veru, erstwhile The Female Health Company, have been enjoying monopoly in offering female contraceptives in the US as its products FC1 and FC2 were certified and approved by the USFDA. However, with more and more  manufacturers completing the WHO prequalification process successfully and getting approved by the UNFPA, Veru is feeling the heat in the global market.

Cupid Limited, an India-based company, has been leading the competition with its female condom in the global market. The company received its prequalification by the WHO in 2012 and the clearance by the UNFPA thereafter to sell its female contraceptives worldwide.

Hindustan Latex Limited (HLL), another India-based company, has also received prequalification from the WHO and the clearance from the UNFPA in 2016 to market and sell its Velvet brand worldwide.

Another manufacturer, Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Company, has been prequalified by the WHO and cleared by the UNFPA in 2016.

The female condom market is riding the “growth” wave and will continue to do so with increased demand from across geographies.

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Environment-friendly Fax Services Redefining Document Transfer Globally

Fax services are used to transfer personal and business documents through fax machines, fax servers, and online fax.

The use of computer-based analog fax solutions is steadily declining with FOIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) connectivity replacing it. Over the next few years, increasing adoption of cloud-based VOIP services, across geographies, is likely to lead to the growth of hybrid fax solution, thereby declining the deployment of traditional on-premises fax solutions.

North America currently is, and will continue to be, a major revenue generating region during the next five years, with identified growth among SMEs in all industry sectors. The growth in global fax services market will also be promoted, in the next five years, through increasing migration to cloud-based and hybrid fax services in Europe.

Global Fax Services Market: Insight

According to a market research report, Fax Services Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2022, by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global market is expected to cross $2.8 billion, growing impressively at a CAGR of more than 9% during 2016−2022.

Fax Services Market Analysis

Fax Services Market SizeIncreased awareness about operating green office environment, regulatory compliance requiring fax solutions, flexibility and scalability of online fax, and increased adoption of cloud-based communication and collaboration platforms along with migration to cloud-based faxing model, availability of hybrid fax solutions, and vendor consolidation are the major factors that will drive the growth of the global fax services market over the next five years.

The fax services market is becoming competitive due to the evolution of cloud-based faxing technology. Many vendors offering on-premises solutions that integrate office and individual fax machines are now involved in offering cloud-based faxing solutions without the need to separate fax hardware and software.

Key Vendor Analysis

The major vendors profiled in the report are:

  • Biscom
  • eFax
  • HelloFax
  • SRFax
  • Nextiva
  • Open Text
  • RingCentral
  • XMedius

The other prominent vendors include ActFax, Alhambra, Alt-N Technology, Cleo, Copia International, Concord Technologies, Crosby Fax, Data on Call, eComfax (Cloud Worldwide Services), Equisys, Esker, EtherFax, Extracomm, FaxAge, FaxCore, GFI Software, GoldFax, iFax, Imagicle, InterFAX, Joyhong Software, Kofax, Lane Telecommunication, Messagenet, MetroFax, Monfax – Bjt Partners, MyFax, Neotel (Lqiuid Telecom), OceanX Technology, Upland Software (Omtool), PamFax.

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3D printing solutions market

3D Printing Services Market – Expanding through Consolidation

When technology steps-up to address a growing need, it is called innovation.

3D printing is a fine example of this. This technology helps create physical objects by feeding their design to a 3D printer. Cost effective and easy to modify, the printing technology is witnessing an increasing demand, primarily from the manufacturing industry. Reduction in wastage is another definitive factor which has endeared 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. It is being used extensively in creating prototypes, and this trend is not forecasted to slow down.

3D Printing Services Market: Insight

The 3D printing services market is growing at a very fast pace.

According to a market research report, 3D Printing Services Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022, the market is all set to cross $13 billion in terms of revenue by 2022. The major driving forces driving this market growth, are increasing preference for 3D printing over traditional across geographies and industries, and the continuously climbing demand for these advances printers in the developed economies like the US and Canada. The growth of the market is further fueled by the lack of in-house infrastructure and resources with the industry players.

Mostly localized, within their geographies, the players are focusing on aggressively creating their visibility and reach across geographies, primarily through M&A activities. This effort to create visibility and market penetration across geographies, is exposing the local players to be acquired by the leading global players in the market.

Relatively new, open-to-innovation, and not yet mature, the market is an open playing field for the service providers. However, the growth of the market depends on efficient collaboration and consolidation of the local players with the global ones. This will ensure more standardized and extensive global reach.

3D Printing Services Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

3D Systems, Stratasys, Materialise and Proto Labs ARC Group Worldwide, Arcam (GE), Carbon, Concept Laser (GE), Cookson Precious Metals, EnvisionTEC, GE Additive, Groupe Gorgé, Höganäs, HP, Markforged, Mcor Technologies, Optomec, ReaLizer, Renishaw, SLM Solutions Group, , The ExOne Company, Voxeljet.

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Programmable Logic Controllers - Global PLC Market

Programmable Logic Controllers for Better Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Efficiency in the implementation of vital processes in operational domains is a pre-requisite for success. And ensuring successful implementation of these processes become even more challenging for unconventional applications. This gave rise to the requirement of re-thinking, in terms of computing capabilities and compatibilities, the designs of conventional mechanical and automation systems.

Customized and effective human machine interfaces (HMI) ensure minimal reliance on human labor, increased safety aspect of operations and higher quality and precision.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a key component of the growing automation trend. PLC plays a vital role in controlling key components of an automation process, by keeping a tab on processes and collecting feedback for continuous improvement with minimal human efforts.

PLC Market: Insight

With the rising need for better human machine interfaces, programmable logic controller systems have evolved to be an exclusive market segment driven by both macroeconomic trends and industry-specific mandates that include rising labor wages, implementing stringent rules to ensure workspace safety, and employing energy-efficient products.

According to a market research report, PLC Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2022 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global PLC market is expected to cross $46 billion by 2022.

Characterized by moderate competitive rivalry among vendors. Some vendors in this market focus on specific end-users such as industrial automation, marine, and rail. Most vendors, however, have an extended product portfolio along with a wide array of integrate-able accessories and customization options. The modular programmable logic controllers segment will witness maximum growth and will consolidate its position as the dominant segment in the market

Historically, we have seen a significantly high presence of industrial automation in developed countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan, which, over time, trickled down to manufacturing powerhouses such as China and Taiwan.

Establishment of semiconductor fabricators and electronic assembly units, involving the highest degree of automation, in the Asian economies of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China is set to increase the demand for programmable logic controllers over the next five years.

Global Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron are the major players in the global PLC market. Other prominent vendors include ABB, General Electric, Toshiba, Kontron, Honeywell, Panasonic, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Emerson Electric, Yokogawa

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Robotic Lawn Market in Europe

Robots to Tend to Your Gardens?

A garden, a park, a lawn, is a small slice of paradise amidst the concrete jungles we live in.

Safety hazards and the lack of time throws an unwanted spanner in our efforts to maintain these much needed and loved slices of paradise. Worry, no more! Welcome to the world of robotic lawn mowers!

Self-docking and increasingly sophisticated, these autonomous robots are fitted with rain sensors and anti-theft alarms, and in some cases also with capabilities to detect the growth rate of grass to ensure efficient maintenance of a lawn, garden, or park.

Increasingly being used to mow lawns, yards, gardens, parks, golf courses, and other commercial properties, the robotic lawn mower market is rapidly growing across Europe.

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe: Insight

We are seeing an increasing popularity of landscaping services to provide an aesthetic appeal to commercial and residential lawns and gardens.

According to a market research report, Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017−2022 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the market in Europe is highly concentrated with a limited number of small and large-sized players. The competition among the players is intense. This market concentration is high in Europe as major global vendors are based and headquartered in the European region.

The market is also increasingly getting commoditized with many low-cost models being introduced in the market, annually.

The market in Europe is expected to cross $1.3 billion by year 2022. This substantial growth can be attributed to a multiple factors like higher levels of safety for end-users using these autonomous lawn mowers, growth of the landscaping service industry, and economic stability leading to more disposable income with consumers.

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe: Manufacturer Dynamics

The major players in the robotic lawn mower market in Europe are Husqvarna, Friendly Robotics, ZCS (Zucchetti, Centro, Sistemi), STIGA (Global Garden Products), Robert Bosch. Apart from these major global players, they are a few other smaller players in the market like, AL-KO, Yamabiko Europe (Belrobotics), Deere & Co., E.Zicom, Hangzhou Favor Robot Technology, Hitachi, Honda, Linea Tielle, LG, Milagrow Humantech, Mamibot EU, MTD Products, Positec Tool (Worx), stihl, The Kobi Company, Turflynx..

The findings and analysis in this report indicates that the robotic lawn mower market in Europe is seeing a rapid growth and the companies in this market need to focus more on innovation in both equipment features as well as in marketing and promotional activities. This continuous innovation will bring these autonomous equipments within the purview of connected devices and endear them more to the end-users.

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Tube Packaging Market

Flexibility and the Packaging Market


Packaging determines how consumers access and consume goods and services!

The consumer retail sector, like personal care, food products, oral care, and domestic care, is relatively insulated from economic fluctuations. Packaging constitutes an estimated 8–15% of the costs of these retailed goods. Traditionally, plastic has been the preferred packaging material on account of easy availability of resins, better performance to cost ratio, and product innovations that enable plastic to be used in wide end-user segments.

However, there is another type of packaging format that has evolved over the years to become indispensable in certain retail segments such as oral care, hair and skin care. Low cost, anti-counterfeiting, better performance, and evolving consumer habits have made tube packaging the preferred choice of most manufacturers today.

Flexible tube packaging fares better over traditional rigid packaging due to better customization, low cost, and distribution convenience. It enables manufacturers to rely more on packaging and labelling as means to protect and promote their products and ensures adherence to requisite compliances. It also helps manufacturers ensure better barrier properties, low water absorption, and better strength to the weight ratio.

Tube Packaging Market: Insight

According to a market research report, Tube Packaging Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2022 by Arizton, are the major drivers for the increasing demand are on-the-go food consumption that warrants a wide variety of small portion sizes, an expanded basket of personal care products ranging from skin care to hair and oral care that are bought in smaller portions frequently, and pharmaceutical applications that are often consumed in limited portions. The report also indicates that in spite of disposability concerns, restraining regulations and compliance barriers, high bargaining power of FMCG players, constraining profit margins of manufacturers, and rapidly evolving expectations of OEMs in the personal care and oral care markets, the tube packaging market is set to go only northwards, as it is driven by a general shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging formats, innovations in reinvigorating laminates market, and high demand for plastic materials with better barrier properties and anti-counterfeiting features.

The tube packaging market is expected to cross the $11 billion mark by 2022.

The growth in the tube packaging market would also be augmented by increased demands from emerging economies such as India, China, and Southeast Asia and from the increase in product innovations in the developed economies of Europe and North America.

Tube Packaging Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

Major global tube packaging  companies like Essel Propack, Amcor, Sonoco, Huhtamaki, and Constantia Flexibles are focusing on innovations to capitalize on the growing flexible (tube) packaging market. The research and development by the packaging solutions companies are focused primarily on compactness, design, and ensuring better barrier properties and anti-counterfeiting features.

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Pool Equipment and Maintenance Market

Sharks of the Pool Cleaning Business

Aqua Products, Hayward Industries, Maytronics, Pentair & Zodiac Pool Systems are the market leaders

An ocean would be a lot less interesting without sharks. And a market would be a lot less competitive without big players setting the benchmark for service and product innovation and excellence.

The pool equipment and maintenance market is no exception to this.

There has been an unprecedented growth in the number of swimming pools being constructed, in both the residential and commercial spaces across geographies, to keep pace with the growing tourism and hospitality industry, and to address the increasing awareness for fitness among the urban populace.

The more the swimming pools, the more is the need to maintain them and keep them clean and functional! And some pool cleaning service providers have taken the first opportunity to make their presence felt in this yet-not-totally tapped market.

One such service provider is the New Jersey based Aqua Products Inc. The innovative and forward-thinking Aqua Products raced towards the top of the market by successfully marrying-off traditional techniques with innovative technologies.  Its signature solution, Aquabot, was introduced in 1982. A robotic pool cleaning solution, Aquabot is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Aqua Products It offers the widest variety of innovative, technology-driven, efficient, and cost-effective pool cleaning products, helping it build on to and consolidate its position as a leader in the market.

Another New Jersey based service provider, Hayward Industries Inc. has been engaged in designing, manufacturing, and distributing pool cleaning equipments since 1925. Aiming to make “your pool experience worry and hassle-free”, Hayward has been focusing on manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment that are efficient, require little maintenance and give high return on investment. Supporting the market demands across geographies, Hayward has consolidated its position as a leader in the market by ensuring quality and total pool cleaning equipment line.

The Israel based Maytronics Group, founded in 1983 and with subsidiaries in Australia, France, and the US, offers a wide range of automatic pool cleaners, pool safety products, and eco-friendly water treatment solutions for residential and commercial swimming pools worldwide. Maytronics pioneered the field of automatic pool cleaning, through Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. Constantly raising the bar with their state-of-the-art products and technologies that are an unmatched combination of innovation and high-end aesthetic design, Maytronics has consolidated their position as a trend-setter and a market leader.

Founded in 2013, Ireland based Pentair PLC is a relatively new entrant in the pool equipment and maintenance market, but is definitely not a pushover. A water and fluid control solution provider across industries ranging from mining and food processing to pharmaceuticals and telecommunication, Pentair also provides pool cleaning solutions. Kreepy Krauly Prowler, Pentair’s signature pool cleaning product is a robotic pool cleaning vacuum cleaner.

The California based Zodiac Pool Systems Inc. is another major player in the pool equipment and maintenance market. Incorporated in 1999, Zodiac is a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and swimming pool accessories. A subsidiary of Zodiac Marine Holding SAS, it sells its products under the brand names of Zodiac, Polaris, Jandy Pro Series, Caretaker, SAVI, Nature2, and Cover-Pools.

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Maternity Vitamins Market and Maternity Wear

Vitamins for Optimal Growth of Babies and Would-be Mothers

Fast-paced life, high stress, anxiety levels, and pollution can pose a major threat to the well-being of a pregnant woman along with her unborn child. Even after the delivery, both the mother and the new-born needs the right amount of nutrients to ensure a healthy recovery and growth.

This is not possible through regular food alone. Dietary supplements and vitamins are essential to overcome the nutritional deficiency. The global maternity vitamins market is an important part of the global maternity care market.

Global Maternity Vitamins Market: Trends and Forecast

According to a market research report, Maternity Vitamins Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2023 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global maternity vitamins market is expected to grow at a staggering 2.68% over the next five years.

Vitamins and dietary supplements are equally essential both during the pre-natal and the post-natal stages. A majority of prenatal vitamins contain iron and folic acid, which are crucial for the development of the foetus. Prenatal vitamins are taken by women while conceiving the baby and during pregnancy. The demand is increasing, especially in developing countries, due to increased awareness through government initiatives and recommendations from healthcare professionals about the use of prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

Post childbirth, eating a well-balanced diet is important but not sufficient to get the nutrients necessary to maintain optimal health. The demand for post-natal vitamins is low, even in developed economies such as North America. However, it is expected that over the next five years, the demand for post-natal vitamins will increase with increasing awareness on the importance of postnatal supplements.

Global Maternity Vitamins Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

The global manufacturers in the maternity vitamins markets such as The Honest Company, Nature Made, One A Day and others along with local vitamins brands in various geographies are investing on research and development to capitalize on this forecasted growth in the market, both in the developed as well as developing economies.

Maternity Vitamins Market and Maternity Wear

Fashion-savvy Would-be Mothers and the Maternity Wear Market

The baby bump is no longer taboo. It’s what would-be-mothers want to flaunt fashionably!

Pregnancy is no longer a reason for women to stay indoors. Improved healthcare facilities, increased professional commitments, and greater awareness of global styles and trends are changing the way women look at pregnancy. This is bringing about a paradigm shift in the global maternity apparels market as well. Comfort is no longer the only keyword. Style, functionality, and health-benefits are now ranked equally high, if not higher.

And to cash-in on this change, global and local maternity wear manufacturers are incorporating innovative designs and health benefits in the apparels manufactured by them. From maternity wear made out of bamboo fabric to those that protect the yet-to-be born from harmful radiations of cellular phones, the pregnancy apparels manufacturers are investing in research and development to make maternity wear more appealing to the mothers juggling professional and personal lives with aplomb.

According to a market research report, Maternity Apparels Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2023 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, more and more maternity wear manufacturers are aligning their research and development to offer innovative, functional, and easy-to-use pregnancy apparels that will strike a chord with the would-be-mothers of today.

Global Maternity Apparels Market: Trends and Forecast

An upward moving per capita GDP and increase in dual-income households across the globe, coupled with higher life expectancy and birth rates are slowly opening up the maternity apparels market in the developing economies.

Although currently, North America dominates the global maternity apparels market with a market share of 33.11% followed by Europe, one can expect a definite change in the numbers with the increasing demand for stylish and functional maternity wear in the developing economies. This is opening up opportunities for not only the established global players in the market but also for the local players who are targeting the market in their own countries or regions.

Global Maternity Apparels Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

The maternity apparels market dominated the global maternity care market with a share of 84.98% in 2016, followed by the maternity personal care market and the maternity vitamins market. To cash-in on this forecasted growth,  pregnancy apparel manufacturers, are focusing on either one or the individual segments of the market namely, the maternity daywear market, the maternity nightwear market, and the maternity innerwear market, or on all the three market segments.

Maternity apparels manufacturers such as ASOS, Séraphine, Cake Maternity, Destination Maternity, PinkBlush Maternity, Milk Nursingwear, Hotmilk Lingerie, Cache Coeur, H&M, GAP, and Topshop are aggressively investing on innovation and research to capitalize on the increasing demands in the market.

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