Global Cell and Gene Therapies Market Analysis 2025

The Rise of Cell and Gene Therapies

Regenerative medical assistance such as cell and gene therapy has the potential to regenerate damaged tissues and whole organs by replacing damaged groups of tissues, encouraging the body’s own repair mechanisms. There is a considerable excitement among key stakeholders due to the encouraging development in regenerative medicines. The expectation that cell and gene therapies are likely to offer substantial clinical gains and even cure fatal and debilitating diseases is driving vendors to invest in R&D.

Speaking of therapy, this blog will briefly touch upon the growth potential of the cell and gene therapies in treating several chronic and fatal morbidities.

Increasing Pool of Patients: The increased prevalence of several diseases and ailments, especially chronic ones is expected to drive the market. The following points highlight the potential of cell and gene therapies in treating several morbidities:

  • They are used to treat several types of cancers such as leukemia, melanoma, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and solid tumors
  • They are helpful in curing bone-related disorders such as osteoarthritis, symptomatic defects of the articulating cartilage, and other bone-related deformities
  • These therapies attend to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)such as cardiac heart failure, decreased ejection fraction, myocardial infarction, and critical limb ischemia (CLI)
  • They help to tend acute and chronic wounds due to burns, scars, sports injuries, accidents, pressure ulcers, and venous leg ulcers

According to the WHO, approximately 17 million new cancer cases and subsequent 9.6 million deaths were reported in 2018. The organization also estimated that one in five men and one in six women develop cancer during their lifetime across the globe, whereas one in eight men and one in 11 women lose their life due to this disorder. It also reported that around 180,000 deaths take place annually due to burns, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Hence, the rise in the target pool of patients with wounds, cancers, and other chronic ailments is expected to influence the cell and gene therapies market significantly.

Innovative Product Launches: Vendors are strategically focusing on the development and launch of innovative products to remain competitive in the market. Several key vendors heavily invest in R&D activities as they are likely to have significant market share globally owing to their continuous involvement in product innovations and launches. The launch of new products helps meet unfulfilled medical needs and benefits patients that do not respond to conventional therapies. A key vendor introduced chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy (CAR-T) to heal adult patients with relapsed or refractory (r/r) large B-cell lymphoma, hence the launch of these types of innovative products is expected to bolster the cell and gene therapies market.

Geographical View

The market generated over $1,000 million in the North American region in 2018. The growth in the geriatric patient population in North America is likely to be a major driver for the growth of the cell and gene therapies market. The US Census estimated that the number of people aged above 65 will be more than children by 2030. Moreover, approximately in every 3-minute one person in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer, while in every 9 minutes, one person in the US dies from blood cancer, therefore the increase in leukemia and lymphoma cases is expected to contribute to market growth. In Europe, the market generated over $410 million in 2018. Europe is likely to witness high growth due to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), pressure ulcers, and musculoskeletal disorders. The availability of reimbursement coverage in the UK, Germany, Spain, and France is expected to influence the market. APAC is expected to emerge a major contributor to the market during the forecast period. The high prevalence of cancer, osteoarthritis, burns and other chronic wounds as well as active efforts by companies to enter large markets such as India and China that have high potential for this therapy is expected to influence the growth of the APAC cell and gene therapies market.

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 Prominent Vendors

  • Gilead Sciences
  • Spark Therapeutics
  • Novartis AG
  • Organogenesis
  • Amgen
  • Osiris Therapeutics
  • Dendreon
  • Vericel

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Global ztr mower market analysis 2024

Riding on Z-turn Lawn Mower

Lawns and gardens with beautifully trimmed lash green grass are soothing to eyes. To increase aesthetic appeals of gardens, several end-users, which include universities, resorts, retailers, IT parks, and golf courses have emphasized landscape designing and services. Hence, the rise in demand for landscaping services has shifted preferences to technically advanced equipment such as zero-turn lawn mowers (ztr mower).

Outlining the Zero-turn Lawn Mowers

Households in developed economies are likely to spend more on gardening or landscaping services due to the increase in disposable incomes and the awareness of substantial and sophisticated mowers. Ztr mower vendors are increasing their output by implementing technologically advanced machinery. For example, sophisticated propane-fueled mowers are environment-friendly as they run on clean fuels, which reduce harmful emissions. These mowers reduce carbon monoxide emissions by nearly 80%, thereby meeting the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Electric-powered ztr mower offers several environmental and economic benefits. These mowers are 90% efficient. Landscapers are increasingly adopting electric ztr mower as it decreases noise, reduces downtime, charges faster, and keeps exhaustion to the minimum. All these factors are likely to stimulate the market in the future.

Geographic Factors Expected to Drive the Lawn Mower Market

North America: The region is the largest contributor to the ztr mower market and is expected to dominate during the forecast period due to the increasing trend of backyard aesthetics and the growing demand for heavy-duty landscaping equipment which is propelled due to the upcoming construction projects in commercial and residential sectors. Nearly 75% of the golf courses in North America are expected to be opened to golfers on public basis, and such courses are expected to increase in the region, thereby boosting the market in the future.

Europe: There is a significant demand for commercial spaces, public parks, and lawn areas, which is likely to increase the demand for modern and advanced garden equipment. The European region is also expected to witness an increase in per capita disposable income, which is likely to affect the market positively.

APAC: The increasing population in the APAC region is expected to lead the expansion of residential and commercial infrastructure. With the rise in commercial spaces such as public parks, universities, bowling greens, and resorts, the need for garden maintenance is also expected to rise. Another factor such as an increase in disposable incomes, coupled with changing lifestyles in consumers, particularly in developing countries of APAC is expected to boost market growth over the forecast period.

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Prominent Vendors

  • Deere & Company
  • Husqvarna Group
  • MTD Products
  • STIGA Group
  • The Toro Company

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Commercial Hand dryer Market

Hand-dryer Industry riding high on Sustainability

Hand-dryers have waged a war against paper tissues, which have dominated the market over a century. It’s time for high-speed hand-dryers to shine as the hand dryer industry is witnessing the introduction of disruptive technology in the market. Talking about disruptive technology, jet-speed hand dryers are devices that feature major technological advancements, which have increased their adoption in commercial applications.

The rise of commercial construction, including airport modernization, is a significant factor for the market growth of jet-speed dryers. However, the application is not only confined to commercial construction spaces but growing demand from rail transportation continues to offer new business opportunities for vendors, especially in metropolitan cities. As hand-dryers are more economical than paper tissue dispensers, they are increasingly experiencing high adoption. Some of the major developments that have driven vendor to reevaluate their hand dyers are:

High Inclination toward Eco-friendly Technology: The quality of being “eco-friendly” has emerged as one of the unique selling points for vendors in recent years. The vendors of hand dryer industry are increasingly focusing on the development environment-friendly products. Several countries have implemented regulations over controlling toxic substances, especially excessive emissions of carbon dioxide. Industries such as hotels and commercial construction are expected to regulatory norms strictly, hence the adoption of eco-friendly products is natural. The environmental aspect is a key feature that is being considered by consumers while purchasing eco-friendly products. All these factors are expected to fuel the use of eco-friendly technology in the hand dryer industry.

Growing Emphasis on Energy Consumption: Rapid technological innovations enable hand-dryers to help in energy consumption, which has a direct impact on ROIs. Hence, many manufacturers are focusing on innovative hand-dryers that consume less energy. Manufacturers are introduced high-speed hand dryers that consume 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers. Therefore, increasing awareness among end-users toward sustainability is expected to stimulate the growth of the hand dryer industry.

Focus on Hygiene: With the introduction of High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) technology, commercial high-speed hand dryers have hygiene among consumers. HEPA technology filters bacteria and viruses in washrooms, which otherwise cause cold, flu, diarrhea, and other diseases. HEPA filters and captures 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, hand-dryers installed in hospitals focus on hygiene because of hospital associated infections can spread from washrooms. With advances in technology, vendors focus on hygiene, and the market is likely to witness the growth as industries such as hospitals require need high-maintenance hygiene hand-dryers.

Higher ROI: Commercial high-speed hand dryers require a high initial investment. However, the ROI analysis of commercial hand dryers and paper dispensers suggests that high-speed commercial hand dryers are more cost effective than paper dispensers.

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Global Infertility Treatment Market Analysis 2019-2024

Tackling the Infertility Challenge

Infertility is one of those health disorders that not only affect physically but also psychologically. According to the WHO, around 15% of the world population struggle to conceive naturally, which means approximately over 180 million people require infertility treatment. Several epidemiological studies suggest that there is a significant growth potential for the infertility treatment market in the coming years due to the rise in lifestyle related diseases, increased alcohol consumption, lack of physical activities, and the growth of sexually transmitted diseases, which adversely affect sexuality among men and women. IVF is a popular treatment for infertility due to its intact and highly regularized procedure that contributed to high success rate.

Perspective on Infertility Treatment Market

One in six couples suffer from infertility-related challenges across the globe. This is majorly due to improper family planning, leading to unsafe abortions and delay in childbearing post marriage globally. In most cases, infertility among women is caused due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fallopian tube damage, and hormonal imbalances. Male infertility, on the other hand, is caused on account of low semen production, abnormal sperm function blockades that prevent semen delivery, and low active sperms count.

Infertility treatment is a niche industry with high margins for manufacturers, especially for vendors offering equipment, media, and related consumables that are widely used during assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Over the past few years, the infertility treatment market has been growing at a healthy rate on account of the rising awareness of the availability of several infertility treatment options through government ad vendor awareness campaigns, the increasing acceptance of IVF procedures, and surge in fertility tourism. Such factors are expected to play key role going forward and bolster the market during the forecast period.

How fertility tourism is driving infertility treatment market? – Read now!

Key Factors Likely to Drive the Market in Future

  • Globally, the prevalence of infertility is increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, the demand for ARTs is increasing due to the rise in awareness and high success rates for ARTs procedures. Further, ART procedures are expected to become increasingly popular across the globe, with around 80% having access to these procedures.


  • The rise in obesity is another factor, which is driving the market. The prevalence of obesity in infertile men and women is high the disorder has an adverse impact on pregnancy and sperms quality. Women with a body mass index (BMI) above 27 are three times more likely to suffer from infertility than women with normal BMI. Obesity in men create an imbalance in hormones, resulting in decrease in sexual desires and reduction in the sperm production. On an average, compared to women in normal weight range, the chance of a live birth with IVF is reduced by around 9% in overweight women and 20% in obese women.


  • There is a significant increase in financial assistance programs as the success rate of ART procedures such as IVF is high, which is likely to increase its acceptance. Hence, governments, fertility service providers, IVF clinics, non-profit organizations offer reimbursement coverage, loans, discounts, and flexible payment options to increase affordability.


  • The increase in popularity of medical tourism, especially fertility tourism, has encouraged several couples to travel abroad seeking state-of-the-art infertility treatment. Approximately 14 million patient cross border to sought infertility services worldwide, which is expected to increase. Countries such as Denmark, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, and the US are the major destinations for fertility tourism. Japan, India, and the US have a greater number of IVF clinics compared to other countries.

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 Prominent Vendors

  • The Cooper Companies
  • Cook Medical
  • Vitrolife
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • IVFtech
  • Irvine Scientific
  • Merck KGaA

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HAI diagnostics Market

Countering the rise of HAI Diseases

Do you know 7 out of 100 patients acquire healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in developed countries? Several studies reveal that 5–15% of patients in high-income countries acquire HAIs, which affect 9–37% of those admitted in intensive care units (ICUs) and can turn out to be fatal.

The Agency for Health care Research and Quality has reported that HAIs are the most common complications in hospitals and one of the leading causes of deaths in the US.

This blog reflects on the prevalence of HAIs and types of infections that can lead to fatal diseases among patients.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): These infections constitute a major share of the HAI diagnostics market. UTIs are spread majorly due to urinary catheter (a latex type of tube inserted to drain and clean urine from a patient’s bladder). Over 15% of hospitalized patients receive urinary catheters at hospitals and disease is caused due to prolonged usage of the urinary catheter.

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs): Surgical site infections are common following major gastrointestinal (GI) surgeries, which affect between 20% and 40% of patients. SSIs cause pain and discomfort and also put patients at a high risk of secondary infectious complications. SSIs account for one-third of post-operative deaths. Such infections are expected to grow at a steady pace due to the poor quality of infrastructure in hospitals and an increase in patients requiring such surgeries.

Hospital-acquired Pneumonia (HAP): The high prevalence of HAP and related deaths, which are increasing at an alarming rate, is expected to grow at a faster rate. HAP commonly occurred in patients that undergo mechanical ventilation in hospitals. Such type of pneumonia is estimated to occur at a rate of 5–10 cases per 1,000 patients admitted in hospitals. HAP is the most common hospital-acquired infection causing death globally.

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Geographical View

North America is the leading contributor in terms of value toward the HAI diagnostics market. The US holds the highest market revenue due to better healthcare accessibility and insurance coverage.

In Europe, countries such as Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Italy, and Denmark carry a large burden of HAIs. The contributing factor for growth is the increasing incidence rate of HAIs. The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) concluded that there are millions of cases of HAIs occur alone in Europe.

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Prominent Vendors in HAI diagnostics market:

  • Danaher
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Abbott
  • Hoffmann-La Roche
  • BioMérieux
  • Meridian Bioscience

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Disposable Innerwear Market Analysis - Disposable Undergarments market

Jockeying on Disposable Innerwear

Are you in a job that requires traveling? Or do you love to travel? While the increase in leisure activities coupled with economic growth, is influencing the demand for salons and body spas, disposable innerwear is increasingly becoming popular among travel, salon and spa, and healthcare industries due to their environmental-friendly nature and the growing importance of hygiene among consumers.

Let’s have a look at parameters, which are likely to bolster and propel the growth of disposable undergarments in the market.

Rise in Traveling Culture: People love to explore places and cultures and learn the social dynamic of new regions. Millennial, in particular, go for adventure trips. Therefore, disposable undergarments offer a way out. They aren’t only convenient but also easy to dispose. Hence, they are finding high popularity among travelers. Also, this innerwear helps travelers to carry excessive luggage as they are for one-time use. The growth in the travel and tourism industry is likely to have a positive on the growth prospects of the market.

Increase Adoption in Healthcare: Hygiene and cleanliness are important aspects of healthcare premises. Developed countries have facilitated a policy-driven architecture to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The WHO recommends disposable undergarments to prevent maternal infections and is adopted by several developed countries on account of the increased focus on hygiene.

Get latest insights on trends and drivers of the market – Read now!

Growth of Salon and Spa culture: This industry offers varieties of services such as massages, therapies, haircut, etc., and these services have observed a high application of disposable products such as disposable undergarments, disposable spa underwear, and others due to the following benefits:

  • High hygiene and cleanliness
  • Convenience and suitability

Moreover, the salon and spa segment is expected to observe a high incremental growth on account of the increase in consumer spending and changes in consumer behavior. The growth of the salon and spa is likely to increase the consumption of disposable undergarments products worldwide.

Growing Popularity of Eco-friendly Products: Changes in the environment and the development of biodegradable products are fast becoming a part of mainstream consumption culture and are one of the key drivers for the disposable innerwear market.

  • Countries such as France and South Africa have taken major steps to restrict the usage of non-recyclable plastic products.
  • The UN suggests that more than 100 countries have reviewed their policies regarding the utility of non-recyclable products.

Therefore, vendors focus on manufacturing eco-friendly products and also promote biodegradable products, including innerwear. Thus, the awareness of eco-friendly nature is likely to propel the growth of the disposable innerwear market.

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Prominent Vendors

  • Aarogyaa
  • Aromablendz
  • Betty Dain Creations
  • Break Room Concepts
  • Digni
  • Dhaara Healthcare
  • Dispowear Sterite Company
  • EZbra Advanced Wound Care Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Junqian Nonwoven Co. Ltd.
  • Mediblue Health Care Pvt Ltd.
  • Om Sai Enterprises
  • One Wear
  • Palmbay Ltd.
  • Rahul Healthcare
  • Rhea Trading
  • Shree Divyalaxmi Enterprises
  • Shree Fabrics
  • Thai Disposable Innerwear
  • Tiico Paper (China) Co. Ltd. (Grand Tiico Paper Co. Ltd.)
  • Underworks
  • XiantaoLingyang Plastic Co. Ltd.
  • YiwuDengding Clothing Co. Ltd.

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Breaking the Myth – Plant-based Protein

While plant-based proteins have broken the myth of animals being the only source of proteins, the rise in the health-conscious population has increased the demand for plant-based protein supplements. Interestingly, the vegan diet isn’t deficient but rich in proteins. Several scientific researches have suggested that an average vegan consumer gets 70% more nutrients than what is required for a human body, while at the same time increasing quality and longevity of life via meatless protein.

We will briefly touch upon different forms of vegan protein in this blog.

Powder: Protein powder is the most dominant segment pushing the vegan protein market as several plant-based supplements contain about 15–30 grams of protein, which is equivalent to meat-based supplements. Such supplements are easy to consume as well.

The growth in the health-conscious population has increased in demand for plant-based powder supplements. North America is expected to be the leading contributor to the vegan protein market and is likely to accelerate the market growth in the future.

Bars: Protein bars contain a high quantity of the protein to carbohydrate ratio, which enhances protein synthesis, increases muscle mass and curbs fat content. These bars are becoming on-the-go meal replacements due to their wholesomeness. The consumption is not only rising among athletes or people undertaking heavy physical workouts but also adopted by general population as an energy boosting quick meal replacement.

The rising demand for healthy diets and the surge in the vegan population are increasing demand for these bars. Moreover, the increasing number of fitness clubs and the growing demand for weight management programs are boosting the intake of these bars.

What are the latest trends and drivers propelling the plant-based protein market? – Read now!

Ready-to-drink (RTD): The increasing popularity of RTD protein supplements is driven by the growing lactose intolerance and the increasing adoption of RTDs among fitness enthusiasts and millennials. Majority of millennials are consuming RTDs to manage stress, weight, and fatigue.

The fast paced and busy lifestyles is propelling consumers to shift toward quick and healthy meal options. This has increased the penetration of shakes that offer high nutritional benefits and promote active lifestyle. Further, these beverages can also be replaced with meals to decrease the time consumed for regular food. All these drivers combined are likely to expand the market’s prospects.

Other forms: Other plant-based supplements available in the vegan protein market are protein bites, snacks, and cookies. The health-conscious people also crave for taste, and protein snacks satisfy taste buds along with healthy nutrition. Some of the popular brands offer plant-based cookies, which are organic, gluten, and soy free with no artificial sweeteners. These cookies are also available in different flavors, the availability of such unique flavors is, in turn, boosting the demand for vegan cookies.

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Prominent Vendors

  • Glanbia
  • Danone

Other Prominent Vendors: Tone it up, Orgain, KOS, Garden of Life, Your Super, Nuzest, No Cow, Kind, GoMacro, and SimplyProtein.

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Stock photos and videos market analysis 2024

Are Stock Photos and Videos Redefining Businesses?

The exponential use of digitalization in the modern-day world has given a new dimension to the stock images and videos market. New digital form of marketing has completely replaced conventional marketing. Today, digital marketing is driving creative minds to present an image that speaks thousand words. There are several major brands, which leverage such creative stock photos and videos to promote their products digitally.

While stock photos and videos have creatively been used in several industries, this blog reflects on major media, publishing, and digital marketers that leverage images and videos.

Marketers: An effective marketing campaign not only thrives on textual content but also relies on image formats, video stories, and posts shared on digital platforms. Marketers are focusing on emotional resonance and spend over 120 minutes a week to source or build visual content.

Marketers are beginning to realize humanizing their brand with mood-boosting images would make a special connection with consumers. Serial video marketing is a storytelling trend that marketers are investing. They want to hook customers to binge-worthy content and in the age of Netflix, the serial video demand is high. Hence, several types of visual content are utilized to create rich and meaningful context as there is a wide acceptance of such content.

Films and TV Producers: A high volume of TV content is shared via the internet. This allows more time for addressable TV, where marketers use technology to streamline and divide audiences based on their characteristics, including behavior. One of the popular stock image brands introduced as a one-stop-shop for digital assets, offering overlays, transitions, head-up display, video kits, and UI elements and physical effects. Another trend that is surfacing in the stock photos and videos market is the use of stock video cinematographers to pre-visualize scenes from scripted content, thereby saving time and effort.

Media and Publishing Companies: The increasing number of social media users has led to several collaborations between media and service providers. One of the popular social media platforms has grown on to become a source of sports and entertainment TV, offering media and publishing companies an opportunity to promote the video and image content on social media platforms. Businesses in the travel sector are driving a spike in the demand for spherical GoPro and first-person videos, specifically in track driving and motocross events. This demand will further grow and push the stock photos and videos market.

Businesses and Individual Creators: The growth of visual content has fueled small business advertising via online channels as they allow effective marketing despite budget constraints. SMEs engage in more marketing practices than larger firms; they are more likely to explore innovative forms of marketing via utilization of stock photos and videos to push their products and services.

Businesses are increasingly using videos for training and employee onboarding. They are also offering self-paced e-learning modules as videos have become the favored format to engage employees and monetize content.

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Pest control services market research report 2025

Nipping the Pest in the Bud - Pest Control Services

Is pest damage taking you by surprise? Remember, pests not only affect commercial and residential spaces but also tend to cause vector borne diseases such as yellow fever, zika, etc. They don’t stop there, they even ruin farm crops.

Pest control services cover a wide array of solutions for the prevention and termination of pests. Based on climatic conditions, there are several types of pests. However, common pests are mice and rodents, which are found across regions. Pest control service providers make use of chemical mechanical, biological methods to treat pest infested areas. The pest control services market is in the customer acquisition mode, and vendors are experimenting with value added services and bundled offerings to acquire customers.

The increased awareness of professional pest control services is growing across sectors.  The commercial sector is one of the segments with high growth as it largely outsources pest control activities.

Residential Sector: Pest infestation in the residential sector is growing, especially in high density areas, where the urban migration is high. The need for mosquito eradication, termite treatment, and rodent control is increasing the demand for termite control in the sector.

  • Europe and North America lead the market in the residential sector as the utilization of professional pest control service providers is high.
  • The demand from large apartments and community dwellings for both prevention and termination services from professional vendors is driving the demand
  • Government funding has increased for high-rise building projects and apartments in the urban areas, which is expected to contribute to the growth of the market.

APAC to Drive Pest Control Services Market by 2025 – Read now

Commercial Sector: The segment is categorized into:

  • Office Spaces
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Others (schools, retail stores, etc.)

Commercial establishments use the annual maintenance contract (AMC) as they require pest control services at regular intervals. The hospitality sector is the major end-user. However, the demand from other sectors, including hospitals and corporates, is increasing and likely to expand during the forecast period due to the high hygiene and cleanliness awareness. The hospitality industry is expected to remain one of the major focuses for the service providers.

  • The hospitality sector is growing rapidly with several emerging economies witnessing the growth in inbound tourism
  • The major order volume is also expected from technological parks and other businesses in major financial business districts
  • The growth in office spaces has also been progressive and is expected to grow utilization of these services

Industrial Sector: In this sector, the utilization of pest control services is to maintain high standards of hygiene at manufacturing premises to ensure safety and security for employees. Large industrial zones have 24 hours work activities; hence, the need for efficient pest services is high. The increasing number of industries is likely to stimulate the growth of such services.

  • China, US, Germany, and other Western Europe countries are expected to witness significant demand for termite control services
  • The market is witnessing increase M&A activities. In July 2019, Rollins acquired California-based company, SOS Pest Control and Termite. Similarly, Rentokil Steritech acquired Active Pest Control, a Georgia-based company, to expand its presence in Texas, US

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Prominent Vendors

  • Anticimex
  • Ecolab
  • Rentokil Initial
  • Rollins
  • Terminix
  • Truly Nolen
  • Massey Services Inc.

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Market share by golf balls, clubs, apparel and shoes.

Let’s Tee off - All About Golf

Golf has been around for more than 600 years, and the game is still evolving. As the world of sports is transforming at a rapid pace, golf can’t remain impervious. Innovation has become a major part of the golf products market. The manufacturers are constantly keeping pace with fast-growing transformations to remain dynamic in the industry.

The demand for golf products across the globe has remained dependent on several factors. However, one of the most important factors highlighting the present and future demand is the overall popularity of the game.

The international and local market players remain indulged in bringing out new products and innovative ideas for catering the wide audience. Also, developing a customer-centric approach remains crucial in the market considering the fact that players often decide the kind of club or driver they prefer for some particular shot.

Golf Clubs: Golf clubs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and variety. However, the three commonly used golf clubs are woods, irons, and putters. This segment contributes the maximum revenue in the market and is expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period due to high applicability in the game. The rise in the number of aspiring players is another factor, which is likely to influence the growth of global golf clubs and the expansion of the market

Companies nowadays are focusing on developing premium quality digital content to increase awareness among sportsmen about their products. Also, with a consistent rise in R&D activities, vendors are developing new clubs for aspiring players.

Get insights about the latest trends and drivers of the market – Read Now

Golf Apparels & Shoes: Gears help players to withstand during adverse weather conditions. Well-crafted golf apparels enable players to endure extreme climatic conditions. The shoes are also witnessing the demand among modern-day players because they need to cover quite a distance and the need to hold the ground while playing drive, putt, lay-up, chip, and punch.

With the increase in golf tours and events, the apparel demand is expected to grow, thereby driving the demand in the market. During the forecast period, several vendors in the market will create new product launches in this category, owing to the high popularity of these products.

Golf Balls: The demand for golf balls depends directly on the number of games played across regions. The growth in popularity of the game itself is expected to drive the demand for a wide range of golf balls across the globe. Also, there have been certain factors such as aerial stability, spin, durability, control, price, shape, color, and size play a vital role while purchasing.

Another important factor increasing the demand for golf balls is hosting up of major golfing events world over. For instance, the rise of major tournaments such as the PGA Tour and the European Tour has further increased the demand for several types of balls.

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