Automated Guided Vehicles-Industrial automation,a fusion of virtual and real world

17 July 2019

Currently, the industrial sector is going through another industrial revolution, where mechanical work is being replaced by automated guided vehicles (AGV) and industrial robots. In the manufacturing sector, automated guided vehicles help in line-feeding by carrying heavy body parts along the assembly line. Automated guided vehicles assist in boosting intralogistics within fulfillment or distribution centers. Automotive, retail, food and beverages, healthcare, and aerospace end-usershave adopted automated guided vehicles to cope with the rapidly changing industrial environment.

Europe and North America are the largest markets for automated guided vehicles. With the increasing concentration of manufacturers and high adoption of industrial robots, the automated guided vehicle market in APAC is expected to overtake the North American market. Further, automated guided vehicles have come a long way and have evolved into compact and complex material handling transport vehicles operating in varied industrial conditions. The increasing demand for AGVs with laser navigation is likely to drive the global automated guided vehicle market.Increasing demand for artificial intelligence from manufacturing sector

  • AI helps to reduce the conversion cost by up to 20%.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to become a part of everyday life from smartphones to automotive. Industries have also started to harness its power to enhance the productivity of their operations since AI helps to reduce conversion costs by up to 20%. It has started gaining prominence in the manufacturing industry as well as it can take decisions without human intervention. Further, advancements in natural language processing are expected to make communication between robots and humans accurate in the future. AI also has a huge impact on the performance of the supply chain. For instance, AI can detect patterns for product demand across time, geographic markets, and socioeconomic segments while considering macroeconomic cycles, political developments, and weather patterns. This projection will help in driving decisions regarding inventory, maintenance of equipment, raw material sourcing, finance, staffing, and energy consumption. Thus, AI helps to reduce machine downtime and improves overall productivity.

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Industry 4.0 Promoting Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 promotes a combination of digital and physical systems. It has transformed product design, planning, supply chain, and production by introducing the concept of connected systems. It enables real-time networking of industrial processes, which make the production process cheaper and efficient. Further, it enables the use of the latest technology such as automated guided vehicles such as AI, RFID, and IoT. Thus, the use of connected technologies in distribution centers with automated guided vehicles has propelled productivity to the next level. Therefore, the fusion between the virtual and real world, production and services, and software and hardware isexpected to transform the industrial sector. Industry 4.0 is expected to enhance productivity and flexibility while increasing resource efficiency and improving productivity.Read: Automated Guided Vehicle Market Global Outlook and Forecast 2018-2023You may reach us at

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