Breaking the Myth – Plant-based Protein

06 December 2019

While plant-based proteins have broken the myth of animals being the only source of proteins, the rise in the health-conscious population has increased the demand for plant-based protein supplements. Interestingly, the vegan diet isn’t deficient but rich in proteins. Several scientific researches have suggested that an average vegan consumer gets 70% more nutrients than what is required for a human body, while at the same time increasing quality and longevity of life via meatless protein.

We will briefly touch upon different forms of vegan protein in this blog.

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Powder: Protein powder is the most dominant segment pushing the vegan protein market as several plant-based supplements contain about 15–30 grams of protein, which is equivalent to meat-based supplements. Such supplements are easy to consume as well.

The growth in the health-conscious population has increased in demand for plant-based powder supplements. North America is expected to be the leading contributor to the vegan protein market and is likely to accelerate the market growth in the future.

Bars: Protein bars contain a high quantity of the protein to carbohydrate ratio, which enhances protein synthesis, increases muscle mass and curbs fat content. These bars are becoming on-the-go meal replacements due to their wholesomeness. The consumption is not only rising among athletes or people undertaking heavy physical workouts but also adopted by general population as an energy boosting quick meal replacement.

The rising demand for healthy diets and the surge in the vegan population are increasing demand for these bars. Moreover, the increasing number of fitness clubs and the growing demand for weight management programs are boosting the intake of these bars.

What are the latest trends and drivers propelling the plant-based protein market? Read now!

Ready-to-drink (RTD): The increasing popularity of RTD protein supplements is driven by the growing lactose intolerance and the increasing adoption of RTDs among fitness enthusiasts and millennials. Majority of millennials are consuming RTDs to manage stress, weight, and fatigue.

The fast paced and busy lifestyles is propelling consumers to shift toward quick and healthy meal options. This has increased the penetration of shakes that offer high nutritional benefits and promote active lifestyle. Further, these beverages can also be replaced with meals to decrease the time consumed for regular food. All these drivers combined are likely to expand the market’s prospects.

Other forms: Other plant-based supplements available in the vegan protein market are protein bites, snacks, and cookies. The health-conscious people also crave for taste, and protein snacks satisfy taste buds along with healthy nutrition. Some of the popular brands offer plant-based cookies, which are organic, gluten, and soy free with no artificial sweeteners. These cookies are also available in different flavors, the availability of such unique flavors is, in turn, boosting the demand for vegan cookies.Request for your free sample now!Prominent Vendors

  • Glanbia
  • Danone

Other Prominent Vendors: Tone it up, Orgain, KOS, Garden of Life, Your Super, Nuzest, No Cow, Kind, GoMacro, and SimplyProtein.

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