Camping Tents Market Witnesses an Increase in Sale of 2-Person Tents

13 June 2018

Camping has evolved tremendously over the past decade and is gaining immense popularity in the European market. The upcoming trend of social living experience that allows reconnecting with the great outdoors will boost the demand for camping tents in the European market. The growing popularity of life-affirming activities that includes wellness services and adventure activities is driving the market for all-inclusive campsites in the market. The leading vendors are offering enhanced functionality to offer better resistance, easier set-ups, and product development to attract new end-users and gain a larger market share. Campsites in Europe are providing additional range of activities such as sailing, windsurfing, bars, on-site BBQs, pools, hiking, beaches, and cycling to boost their revenues and offer integrated experiences to their consumers.

The camping tents market in Europe is projected to reach values of around $1 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 6% during 2018-2023.

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The different type of accommodation available in the camping tents market in Europe are discussed below:

·         Family Tent

The evolution of tent designs and technologies in terms of roominess, shape, aesthetics, appeal, set-up, and privacy will create lucrative opportunity for leading vendors in the European market. The introduction of value-added facilities such as childrens play areas, spas, golf courses, and various other modern-day activities is one of primary factors augmenting the demand for family tents in the European market. The increasing demand for innovations in terms of tent extras such as attachments, interior carpets, and storage extension is encouraging manufacturers to launch new products in the European camping tents market. The use of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and steel for tent poles to increase the sturdiness will help vendors boost their profitability. The family tents are available in various designs such as tunnel, dome, and A-frame.

·         3-4-Person Tents

The increasing number of camping in groups, either corporate or a nuclear family is driving the demand for 3-4 person tents in the European market. The campsites across the region are providing tennis courts, boules and outdoor chess, children’s play areas along with accommodation options such as tents to attract consumers and boost their revenues. Also, growth in nuclear families in Europe is driving the demand for 3-4-person tents in the camping tents market. For instance, Tregarton Park, located in south-west England, offers accommodation options such as tents, caravans, and motorhomes along with restaurants and grocery shops and no clubhouse to maintain peace.

·         2-Person Tents

The increasing awareness about benefits of physical exercises and growing number of health-conscious consumers among baby boomers and millennials are driving the demand for 2-person tents in the camping tents market. The growing popularity of outdoor and adventure sports such as camping, rock climbing, rafting, trekking, bird watching, leaf peeping, scuba diving, and hiking will drive the demand for these products across Europe. The increasing number of adventure travelers will boost the requirement for camping activities among couples and the family of two to three people across the European market. The 2-person tents in the camping tents market are projected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period.

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·         1-Person Tents

The rising demand for ultra-lightweight tents and instant tents is driving the growth of the 1-tent persons in the European market. The vendors are introducing instant tents that are easier to pitch to prevent end-users from facing the complexity in setting up a tent and gain a larger camping tents market share. The ease of carrying camping equipment is one of the primary factors driving the popularity of lightweight tents in the European market. Nordisks Telemark 1 tent, a 1-Person tent weighs only 1.69 lbs. and is one of the most lightweight tents available in the market. This tent uses a nylon ripstop flysheet fabric along with other components that make it lightweight.

The leading vendors operating in the European camping tents market are Oase Outdoors, Coleman Company, Johnson Outdoors, and AMG Group.View Ariztons Full Report On Camping Tent Market in Europe 2023You may reach us at

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