Cardiac Pacemakers – Helping the Heart to Beat

24 January 2020

Advances in cardiac surgeries have led to the development of artificial pacemakers that help to stimulate the muscle of the heart.  Miniaturization of electronic circuitry has development of totally implantable cardiac pacemakers. Approximately 900,000 people are prescribed with cardiac pacemakers annually across the globe. With the advent of lithium batteries, the longevity of pacemakers increased and reduced the replacement of batteries to a considerable level. Battery lifespan is a factor to consider as their replacement requires surgery that adds to the healthcare expenditure. In the US, between 2.7 and 6.1 million individuals suffer from several forms of arrhythmias. About 9% of the US population older than 65 years are prone to arrhythmias and 2% of individuals below the age of 65 years are likely to have abnormal heart rhythms.

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Technological and Geographical aspects of Cardiac Pacemaker

Dual-chamber Cardiac Pacemakers: They are clinically proven to treat arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation, which assists in preventing the pacemaker syndrome. Dual-chamber pacemakers are gaining popularity compared to single-chamber ones due to high efficiency and cost-effectiveness in treating atrioventricular block syndrome. Several vendors have started expanding their dual chamber cardiac pacemaker portfolio. BIOTRONIK is the first company in the US to offer dual chamber devices. Similarly, Abbott is currently working on developing a dual-chamber leadless device.

North America is expected to dominate the cardiac pacemaker market due to the increased volume of surgeries for treating abnormal heart rhythms. The surge in surgeries is on account of the availability of advanced healthcare infrastructure, constant technological innovations, and the growing acceptance of pacemaker systems. The high prevalence of abnormal heart rhythm defects is likely to be another primary factor driving market growth.

Single Chamber Cardiac Pacemakers: Single chamber devices are inexpensive as they use one lead and pump either to the right atrium or right ventricle of the patient. However, cardiologists recommend dual-chamber pacemakers as they are highly effective than single chamber and avoid future complications. The increasing preference for dual-chambers is expected to hinder the sale of single chamber devices in developed economies. However, the demand for single chamber devices are likely to increase in developing countries on account of low availability of dual chamber ones.

Globally, the cardiac pacemaker market in India is likely to grow at a faster rate than other countries. The average cost of pacemakers is low in India compared to other countries worldwide. The availability of low-cost implantation procedures is expected to encourage foreign patients to implant cardiac pacemakers in the country. The establishment of high-quality heart care centers and adoption of innovative techniques such as robotic surgical are expected to boost the demand.

Biventricular Cardiac Pacemakers/CRT-P: The device monitors the hearts rhythm, detects irregularities, and fixes them with electrical impulses. CRT-Ps have three leads that deliver energy to the heart rather than one or two leads. These devices enhance the heart’s effectiveness and increase the blood flow compared to single and dual chamber models. Moreover, another prime function of the CRT-P device is to minimize the future chances of heart failure. The segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate segment during the forecast period because of their unique offerings and increasing preference for CRT-Ps over single and dual chamber devices.

In Europe, over 15% of the population is aged 65 years and above. The geriatric population is at a higher risk of developing an abnormal heart rhythm, which is expected to increase demand for advanced cardiac pacemakers in the region. In Germany, there is a higher number of cardiac pacemakers implanting centers and is likely to witness significant growth of over 7% in the market during the forecast period.Request for your free sample now!Prominent Vendors

  • Medtronic
  • Boston Scientific
  • MicroPort Scientific
  • Abbott

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