Influence of western dietary and culinary is steering the demand for cutlery across the globe

According to a recent report Cutlery Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022, the focus on the purchase of cutlery products is more on ergonomics and enhanced design in developed countries such as Western Europe and North America, whereas in developing economies, cutlery is still perceived as utility products.  Further, the study at Arizton Advisory & Intelligence says that the cutlery market in regions such as APAC, China, Latin America, and MEA is still focused on the mass market rather than niche markets.

China is one of the major regions in global cutlery market

APAC accounts for a major market share of the global cutlery products market. China accounted for more than 17% of the global cutlery market in 2016. Being the consumer-centric industry, the disposable personal income plays a key role in the growth of the market. Increase in the consumer expenditure on household goods will impact the sale of cutlery in the country. Also, increasing urbanization and growing number of households will directly impact the sale of cutlery products. Further, the influence of western dietary and culinary is steering the demand for cutlery across the globe.

Cutlery products market in China by segment

The cutlery market in China was dominated by the low-end cutlery segment in 2016. The share of the low-end cutlery segment is likely to decrease by 2022. China is one of the leading suppliers of plastic items and for the domestic consumption also, plastic-based cutlery in the country is highly used. The production cost of plastic-based cutlery is low and hence the availability of low-end cutlery in China is high. However, the growth in the cutlery market in China is likely to come from the high-end and medium-end cutlery segments. The metal-based cutlery products will still dominate the market in China.

Arizton’s report also includes the market size and growth forecast of each type of cutlery products for each geography. The report also provides strength and strategies of major vendors and discusses key opportunities of vendors.

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