Coding and Marking Ink – Improving Traceability and Preventing Counterfeiting

10 January 2020

While the vitality of supply chain management in logistics is undeniable, the ability to track-and-trace products distributed across several channels and end-users is equally important. The coding and marking process involves the imprinting of information and data on products and their packaging to enable an efficient track and trace process throughout the supply chain. These inks are designed to contain variable information such as lot numbers, barcodes, product IDs and also help to prevent products counterfeiting. The coding and marking ink industry has undergone significant evolution. In 1974, Troy’s Marsh Supermarket was the first to scan items with a universal product code (UPC) during checkouts. In the 1980s bar codes were utilized in the groceries and retail sector. More than 80% of leading 500 companies in the US adopted bar codes and scanners in 2004, However, in 2018, scanners became a common sight across retail shops worldwide.

The demand for effective coding and marking products has become essential due to increased productivity in the following industries:

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Food & Beverages (F&B): The segment contributed over 48% of revenue share to the coding and marking ink market. The pre-packed snack industry is expected to grow at a tremendous rate worldwide and is characterized by low margins and high volumes. The Gen Z and millennial population are consistently facilitating the launch of organic and healthy food with the sale of organic food in the US crossing $49.6 billion in 2018. The growing sales in this industry have urged governments to perform regulatory checks on packaging material, thereby introducing stringent coding, marking, and labeling.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry is expected to remain a key user for coding and marking solutions owing to the high applicability of several devices and drugs. Government regulations are likely to mandate the use of drug-specific information on pharmacy products worldwide. For instance, in 2013, the US government passed the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), a traceability initiative to develop a national pharmaceutical serialization and the track and trace regulation. This act mandates serialized coding on pharmaceutical packaging from 2017 onwards. The industry generated over $215 million in 2018, hence such initiatives are expected to bolster the coding and marking ink market during the forecast period.

Electrical Equipment & Electronics: This segment is largely driven by rapid technological advancements and innovations. Tracking the products is imperative to maintain marking. Marking prevents the cases of theft, misuse or inappropriate delivery of products. Vendors are offering unique solutions to print letter-quality microcodes (Continuous Ink Jet technology) on a variety of electrical components and substrates such as silicon, metal, plastic, rubber, and fiberglass. This segment contributed over $120 million to the market in 2018 and is projected to grow at a steady pace due to immense growth in the electrical and electronics industry.

The APAC region is the leading contributor to the market as the region hosts one of the most robust manufacturing industries, including automotive, construction, chemicals, defense, and aerospace, which have huge potential for coding and marking ink. The Europe provides significant opportunities for vendors in the coding and marking market. One of the key vendors from the UK frequently innovate and offer a wide variety of laser marking solutions, which are currently in demand across the retail sector in the UK. Technological advancements and innovations are expected to drive the growth in Europe.  The North American region is well developed and has several large multinational companies (MNCs) operating in F&B and pharmaceutical sectors. Stringency in legislation and industry mandates is likely to bolster the coding and marking ink market growth in the region.

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