Digital printing packaging technology refers to the transferring of the digital art file onto the packaging substrate directly.This technology does not require a fixed image plate or any engraved plate cylinder. It can be used across a wide range of packaging substrates such as corrugated packaging, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and labels.Digital print is becoming an obvious choice for packaging products with short-runs. With the high adoption of digital printing, the technology is set to be implemented across several industries for packaging. Further, the emergence of new technology  – inkjet and electrophotography – is helping to improvise digital printing solutions for packaging purposes.

Technological Advancements in Digital Printing for Packaging

The digital printing industry is the next big thing in the packaging industry. Brand owners are considering digital printing as an efficient technique of communication. They are actively looking for vendors to come up with products that can manage supply chain economics with reduced turn around time and short-run printing and help to create multiple images as per packaging needs. Further, direct-to-shape printing and multi-channel to work with are going to drive the digital printing packaging market globally. Another key technological advancement in the label packaging segment is the shift toward automation. Print Service Providers (PSP) are working toward high-tech MIS (Management Information Systems) with integrated color performance software, specialized inspection, finishing line set-up systems and fully automated press in place. Another crucial factor is the growth of inkjet against electrophotography. Hence, packaging will act as an essential marketing tool for brands, and digital packaging and technological enhancements will pave the way to attract more customers than any other form.

Innovations in Service Offerings

Innovation remains to be key in driving the digital printing packaging market globally. Service providers are consistently innovating service offerings via digital print solutions. Further, brands are pushing vendors to focus on delivering customized, affordable, and quick printing solutions. Vibrancy, affordability, and flexibility are some of the prominent factors driving digital printing packaging. Digital printing helps to minimize the waste due to non-requirement of printing several feet of non-usable material.

Further, the launch of Color Digital Label and Packaging (CDLP) presses is one of the key innovations in the digital printing packaging market. Also, hybrid press solutions, which are developed via various printers, are helping printers to shift toward digital printing. InteliCoat, DuPont, Agfa, and Proofing Technologies are the leading companies that are persistently delivering a new range of flexible media along with improved and integrated printing systems.

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