Jockeying on Disposable Innerwear

06 December 2019

Are you in a job that requires traveling? Or do you love to travel? While the increase in leisure activities coupled with economic growth, is influencing the demand for salons and body spas, disposable innerwear is increasingly becoming popular among travel, salon and spa, and healthcare industries due to their environmental-friendly nature and the growing importance of hygiene among consumers.

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Let’s have a look at parameters, which are likely to bolster and propel the growth of disposable undergarments in the market.

Rise in Traveling Culture: People love to explore places and cultures and learn the social dynamic of new regions. Millennial, in particular, go for adventure trips. Therefore, disposable undergarments offer a way out. They aren’t only convenient but also easy to dispose. Hence, they are finding high popularity among travelers. Also, this innerwear helps travelers to carry excessive luggage as they are for one-time use. The growth in the travel and tourism industry is likely to have a positive on the growth prospects of the market.

Increase Adoption in Healthcare: Hygiene and cleanliness are important aspects of healthcare premises. Developed countries have facilitated a policy-driven architecture to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The WHO recommends disposable undergarments to prevent maternal infections and is adopted by several developed countries on account of the increased focus on hygiene.

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Growth of Salon and Spa culture: This industry offers varieties of services such as massages, therapies, haircut, etc., and these services have observed a high application of disposable products such as disposable undergarments, disposable spa underwear, and others due to the following benefits:

  • High hygiene and cleanliness
  • Convenience and suitability

Moreover, the salon and spa segment is expected to observe a high incremental growth on account of the increase in consumer spending and changes in consumer behavior. The growth of the salon and spa is likely to increase the consumption of disposable undergarments products worldwide.

Growing Popularity of Eco-friendly Products: Changes in the environment and the development of biodegradable products are fast becoming a part of mainstream consumption culture and are one of the key drivers for the disposable innerwear market.

  • Countries such as France and South Africa have taken major steps to restrict the usage of non-recyclable plastic products.
  • The UN suggests that more than 100 countries have reviewed their policies regarding the utility of non-recyclable products.

Therefore, vendors focus on manufacturing eco-friendly products and also promote biodegradable products, including innerwear. Thus, the awareness of eco-friendly nature is likely to propel the growth of the disposable innerwear market.Request for your free sample now!Prominent Vendors

  • Aarogyaa
  • Aromablendz
  • Betty Dain Creations
  • Break Room Concepts
  • Digni
  • Dhaara Healthcare
  • Dispowear Sterite Company
  • EZbra Advanced Wound Care Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Junqian Nonwoven Co. Ltd.
  • Mediblue Health Care Pvt Ltd.
  • Om Sai Enterprises
  • One Wear
  • Palmbay Ltd.
  • Rahul Healthcare
  • Rhea Trading
  • Shree Divyalaxmi Enterprises
  • Shree Fabrics
  • Thai Disposable Innerwear
  • Tiico Paper (China) Co. Ltd. (Grand Tiico Paper Co. Ltd.)
  • Underworks
  • XiantaoLingyang Plastic Co. Ltd.
  • YiwuDengding Clothing Co. Ltd.

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