Is the Advent of Ecofriendly Products Impacting the Drain Cleaners Market?

01 September 2021

The rise of commercial spaces in developed countries is enhancing the demand for drain cleaners. The drain cleaners market is expected to generate incremental revenue of over USD 500 million by 2026. With the growing trend in using eco-friendly products, the demand for eco-friendly drain cleaners is expected to witness incremental growth in the upcoming years. Europe is the largest contributor to the drain cleaners market and is likely to grow at a CAGR of around 6% during the forecast period. The growth drivers of the drain cleaners market are mostly owing to the rise of the geriatric population and the growing incidence of HAIs. As HAIs are growing at an alarming rate, governments and healthcare settings professionals are implementing various appropriate preventive measures to reduce the risk of spreading harmful viruses. For instance, WHO advocates effective hygiene as the single-most-important practice to prevent and control HAI, that forms colonies with Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR) microbes. Due to which WHO has issued a guideline to keep the hospital premises clean with the effective cleaning of the drainage system.

In 2020, the production process of drain cleaners was affected due to COVID-19 and the market grew at the rate of around 6%. The sudden spike of COVID-19 created immense demand for cleaning agents to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus. With the emergence of the second wave of COVID-19 in many regions, the growth of cleaning products is expected to spike in the near future. In this ongoing pandemic situation, the European Commission is working with industry and states member to maximize the production of PPEs and other medical products. The urgent request from the European Commission, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), is collaborating with all their members and have agreed to immediately make a number of essential medical supplies available. This is helping the players to offer drain cleaners to rapidly start production and place products on the market easily, while ensuring a high degree of safety thereby, fueling the growth of the drain cleaners market in Europe. Europe is the home of the best healthcare settings and with the high-scale infrastructure, the private health sectors are booming in the region. The private hospitals are focusing on implementing advanced technology to provide extra comfort and shorter waiting time for the patients, such factors will also accelerating the growth of the drain cleaners market to maintain proper hygiene in the hospitals.

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Will Innovation Create New Product Development Opportunities for the Drain Cleaners Market Players?

The drain cleaning industry is witnessing innovations across various segmentations. The invention of enzymatic cleaners is observing higher adoption compared to the existing chemical drain cleaners. Enzymatic cleaners are environment-friendly alternatives for chemical drain cleaners. This is considered to be one of the most cost-effective ways of cleaning as they do not release harmful chemicals, unlike acidic cleaners. Due to multiple benefits, the application of enzymatic cleaners is increasing in all segments across the globe. Enzymatic cleaning sticks are new innovations for effective drain maintenance. Many companies are now coming up with various cleaning products incorporating enzymatic cleaners to expand their product portfolio. Drain disinfectant vendors that manufacture enzymatic drain cleaners produce their own raw materials for manufacturing drain disinfectants and cleaners. To minimize the impact on the environment is one of the factors propelling the demand for enzymatic drain cleaners. In Canada, the growing demand for sustainable green cleaning technology is pushing customers to adopt enzymatic drain cleaners. With the increase in demand for natural cleaners, companies are investing in R&D to improve the formula of the cleaners.

With the rise in COVID-19, the players have come up with disinfectant sprays and solutions to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Public places worldwide started using disinfectant solutions in the ongoing pandemic situation. Maintaining hygiene is the best solution to reduce transmission of coronavirus, many new players entered the market owing to the high opportunities in the cleaning market. According to WHO, usage of effective disinfection practice to continue to lessen the potential of COVID-19 contamination in various hospitals, ambulatory care settings, and diagnostic laboratories. Professional drain cleaner is benefiting both commercial and residential spaces to survive without any major plumbing hazards. To ensure the safety of the family members and avoid damage to plumbing systems, the application of professional drain cleaners is increasing especially in the residential segment.

 Various Players Adopting Strategies to Sustain in the Competitive Market

Imposing various strict policies regarding the usage of various cleaning products in both public and private sectors is stabilizing the growth of cleaning products. As the drain cleaner market is highly competitive, players are strategizing to boost demand in the global market. The major vendors such as SC Johnson has a wide range of product portfolio and in 2017, to strengthen their disinfectant portfolio SC Johnson acquired Method and Ecover, major brands in house care, hand and body care, and laundry products sold in North America. SC Johnson will be the first organization in the market that uses recycled plastic bottles to refill their products, including drain disinfectants and cleaners. The company can consider selling its products through various online channels to expand its presence geographically. In 2020, the company announced a new version of Mr. Muscle (drain cleaner) that uses 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles. The company is also planning to make all its products 100% reusable, recyclable, and compostable by 2025. Owing to the high internet penetration players are likely to adopt online platforms to increase the sales of the company.

Another major player, Clorox is one of the top manufacturing companies. In February 2020, the demand for Clorox products surged up to 500% after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company started manufacturing products 24/7 to meet the market demand. The company also started to invest in R&D activities to develop innovative products and expand its existing portfolio to fuel its customer base and market presence. The strong brand recognition is significantly pushing the sales of drain cleaners and disinfectants. COVID-19 is enhancing great opportunities for the players in the drain cleaners market for both existing and new players.

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FAQs about the Global Drain Cleaners Market:

Q. What is the market size of the drain cleaners?

A. The global drain cleaners market size to reach over USD 2.5 billion by 2026

Q. What is the market growth of drain cleaners?

A. The global drain cleaners market is projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 6% during the forecast period.

Q. What is the market segmentation of the drain cleaners?

A. The global drain cleaners market is segmented by form, active ingredients, end-user, packaging, and geography.

Q. What is the market insight of the drain cleaners?

A. Europe and North America are expected to account for the highest revenue during the forecast period as these regions are in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. What are the major regions in the drain cleaners?

A. The leading regions in the global drain cleaners market include APAC, Europe, North America, Latin America, and MEA.

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