Fashion-savvy Would-be Mothers and the Maternity Wear Market

08 November 2017

The baby bump is no longer taboo. It’s what would-be-mothers want to flaunt fashionably! Pregnancy is no longer a reason for women to stay indoors. Improved healthcare facilities, increased professional commitments, and greater awareness of global styles and trends are changing the way women look at pregnancy. This is bringing about a paradigm shift in the global maternity apparels market as well. Comfort is no longer the only keyword. Style, functionality, and health-benefits are now ranked equally high, if not higher.

And to cash-in on this change, global and local maternity wear manufacturers are incorporating innovative designs and health benefits in the apparels manufactured by them. From maternity wear made out of bamboo fabric to those that protect the yet-to-be born from harmful radiations of cellular phones, the pregnancy apparels manufacturers are investing in research and development to make maternity wear more appealing to the mothers juggling professional and personal lives with aplomb.

According to a market research report, Maternity Apparels Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2023 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, more and more maternity wear manufacturers are aligning their research and development to offer innovative, functional, and easy-to-use pregnancy apparels that will strike a chord with the would-be-mothers of today.

  View Report: Maternity Apparels Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2023

Global Maternity Apparels Market: Trends and Forecast

An upward moving per capita GDP and increase in dual-income households across the globe, coupled with higher life expectancy and birth rates are slowly opening up the maternity apparels market in the developing economies.

Although currently, North America dominates the global maternity apparels market with a market share of 33.11% followed by Europe, one can expect a definite change in the numbers with the increasing demand for stylish and functional maternity wear in the developing economies. This is opening up opportunities for not only the established global players in the market but also for the local players who are targeting the market in their own countries or regions.

Global Maternity Apparels Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

The maternity apparels market dominated the global maternity care market with a share of 84.98% in 2016, followed by the maternity personal care market and the maternity vitamins market. To cash-in on this forecasted growth,  pregnancy apparel manufacturers, are focusing on either one or the individual segments of the market namely, the maternity daywear market, the maternity nightwear market, and the maternity innerwear market, or on all the three market segments.

Maternity apparels manufacturers such as ASOS, Séraphine, Cake Maternity, Destination Maternity, PinkBlush Maternity, Milk Nursingwear, Hotmilk Lingerie, Cache Coeur, H&M, GAP, and Topshop are aggressively investing on innovation and research to capitalize on the increasing demands in the market.

  View Report: Maternity Apparels Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2023

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