Focus on Sexual Wellness to Boost Sales in the Global Condoms Market

23 March 2018

The global condom market is expected to reach values of over $11 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 9% by 2017−2023. The growing demand for female condoms and the introduction of innovative variants such as flavored condoms will boost the sales of these products in the global market. The increasing focus on sexual wellness and the growing government initiatives to fight teen pregnancies and unsafe sex practices will propel the demand in the world market. The phenomenal shift in the consumers expectations and acceptability of sexual wellness products such as condoms and lubricant in the mainstream market will create new opportunities for leading vendors in the market.

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Growing popularity of female condoms

Industry experts at Arizton state that according to a market survey, various countries and demographics indicate that around 60% of women polled have indicated their openness to try female condoms and about 36% of them taking the initiative to use contraceptives than their partners. Reduced stigma around sexual wellness and rise in awareness about the harmful side-effects of contraceptive pills and injection shots are encouraging more women to adopt female contraceptives in the global market. The rapidly rising demand for these products is urging prominent players to introduce non-latex products such as nitrile and polyurethane condoms. These condoms are perceived to be safer to use in case the partners are allergic to latex products and increase the overall experience of the end-user. The leading vendors are targeting North America, Russia, Eastern Europe, and a majority of South African countries to promote these products in the global market. The global female condoms market is projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 19% by 2023.

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Innovate condom design is a trend!

Research and innovations for developing different types of condoms that can enhance sexual pleasure is a lucrative market and are likely to gain immense traction in the world. Condoms are the cheapest form of birth controls, and they protect individuals from STDs and STIs. Innovations on the basis of shape, size, thickness, flavors, structure, and even material will increase the number of product portfolios in the global market. Some of the most purchased of variants in the world market are anti-slippage, anti-breakage, fragrance infusion, and ultra-thin condoms. The use of Graphene that finds applications in lubricants, displays, packaging, solar cells, and 3D printing industries is transforming the market. Graphene condoms offer a high level of protection during usage, and hexagonal flexes enhance user experiences. Luxury condom offerings fetch premium prices and high revenues of manufacturers in the global market. The price tag for luxury-packaged offerings from popular fashion brands ranges from $15−300 per pack. For instance, customers can buy a pack of Louis Vuitton condoms for a price of $68 per piece.Internet to Influence Consumer Buying Pattern

The emergence of connected devices, smartphones, e-commerce, and e-retailing is revolutionizing the distribution channel in the global market. The extensive use of internet services, improved economy, and upgrading of purchase and delivery options will propel the growth of the e-commerce websites in the world market. Online websites provide detailed information on products, including quality, safety measures, and user guidance. Condoms, sensual lingerie, and sexual lubricants are the highest selling products in the e-retail segment in the world market. Some of the leading online retail vendors in the global market are Amazon, Ann Summers, Lovehoney, Topco Sales, and eBay.

Leading vendors in the market are Church & Dwight, Ansell (Now Lifestyles Holdco), and Reckitt Benckiser.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Condom MarketYou may reach us at

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