Students across the globe are leaning toward e-learning programs as traditional courses offered by universities are expensive. Online degree courses provide the feasibility to study from homes and add the advantage of personalized learning. The global online program management (OPM) has developed vast potential in recent times. The on-going learning demand from learners and practitioners powered by major developments through globalization, relocation of talent, and gradual changes in business knowledge and social skills care over the last two decades is boosting the global OPM market. Economic mobility in sectors such as hospitality, retail, media, international relations, science and technology, and human capital have increased the need for quick, cost effective learning of practical and technical skills over a short period of time. The progressive nature of work and consequent need for skill enhancement in workplaces has become an essential need to strive in the competitive world.

Geographical View of Global OPM Market

North America: The region is expected to hold over 76% of the revenue share during the forecast period on account of high-speed internet penetration and the increasing popularity of OPM. The US has the world’s renowned educational institutions, including MIT and Harvard, which are attracting aspiring learners from across the world. Reports suggest approximately 80% of US college students find digital learning techniques helpful to boost grades. The US and Canada have more than 90% internet penetration, which help vendors to spread product awareness. North American is observed to have strong competition due to the emergence of several new online course vendors. The intense competition is expected to offer high-quality services. Moreover, the increasing popularity of online education is expected to push institutions in the region to gain additional revenue.

Europe: The region has robust economic stability, and societies are aware of benefits of e-learning, which is likely to help vendors increase revenue prospects. Universities across the UK have started building strategic partnerships with OPM vendors. The University of Aston has broadened its online degree program and plans to expand in emerging countries such as Nigeria. These types of universities are attracting students’ interest in e-learning from Singapore, Hong Kong, Nigeria, and Malaysia. However, the European region consists of diversified languages and programs offered by vendors are primarily featured in English, which is expected to adversely impact the global OPM market.

APAC: The region holds a key area of interest for vendors as it is home to highly enthusiastic tech savvy people and millennials. Countries such as India and China established educational infrastructure along with robust technology support has the potential to become the largest OPM market. Japan and South Korea provide emphasis over quality education systems and alliance with domestic universities to offer e-learning programs which likely to propel market growth. The Chinese government has initiated the increase in investment to promote online education, which is expected to provide vast room for OPM vendors to grow their businesses.

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