Hand-dryers have waged a war against paper tissues, which have dominated the market over a century. It’s time for high-speed hand-dryers to shine as the hand dryer industry is witnessing the introduction of disruptive technology in the market. Talking about disruptive technology, jet-speed hand dryers are devices that feature major technological advancements, which have increased their adoption in commercial applications.

The rise of commercial construction, including airport modernization, is a significant factor for the market growth of jet-speed dryers. However, the application is not only confined to commercial construction spaces but growing demand from rail transportation continues to offer new business opportunities for vendors, especially in metropolitan cities. As hand-dryers are more economical than paper tissue dispensers, they are increasingly experiencing high adoption. Some of the major developments that have driven vendor to reevaluate their hand dyers are:

High Inclination toward Eco-friendly Technology: The quality of being “eco-friendly” has emerged as one of the unique selling points for vendors in recent years. The vendors of hand dryer industry are increasingly focusing on the development environment-friendly products. Several countries have implemented regulations over controlling toxic substances, especially excessive emissions of carbon dioxide. Industries such as hotels and commercial construction are expected to regulatory norms strictly, hence the adoption of eco-friendly products is natural. The environmental aspect is a key feature that is being considered by consumers while purchasing eco-friendly products. All these factors are expected to fuel the use of eco-friendly technology in the hand dryer industry.

Growing Emphasis on Energy Consumption: Rapid technological innovations enable hand-dryers to help in energy consumption, which has a direct impact on ROIs. Hence, many manufacturers are focusing on innovative hand-dryers that consume less energy. Manufacturers are introduced high-speed hand dryers that consume 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers. Therefore, increasing awareness among end-users toward sustainability is expected to stimulate the growth of the hand dryer industry.

Focus on Hygiene: With the introduction of High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) technology, commercial high-speed hand dryers have hygiene among consumers. HEPA technology filters bacteria and viruses in washrooms, which otherwise cause cold, flu, diarrhea, and other diseases. HEPA filters and captures 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, hand-dryers installed in hospitals focus on hygiene because of hospital associated infections can spread from washrooms. With advances in technology, vendors focus on hygiene, and the market is likely to witness the growth as industries such as hospitals require need high-maintenance hygiene hand-dryers.

Higher ROI: Commercial high-speed hand dryers require a high initial investment. However, the ROI analysis of commercial hand dryers and paper dispensers suggests that high-speed commercial hand dryers are more cost effective than paper dispensers.

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