Is Healthcare PPE Creating Lucrative Opportunity in the Medical Industry?

05 January 2021

Currently, healthcare PPE kits are highly in demand in the global market. The onset of COVID-19 and the large patient population with huge number of hospital admissions are accelerating the demand as well as the usage of healthcare PPE kits in the entire world. Healthcare PPE kits enable safety for the healthcare professional involved in treating the affected patients from the deadly coronavirus and who are risking their lifes in the frontlines every single day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers were facing high demand for healthcare PPE kits across the globe. Healthcare PPE kits is the only solution to maintain the overall health safety in hospitals while treating patients. Healthcare PPE kits is the new normal solution to safeguard our doctors and other healthcare professionals during this ongoing pandemic. Healthcare PPE includes, hand gloves, head cover, bodysuit gown, 3 ply facemask, and biohazard bag that help the professional to cover their entire body while treating the patients in hospitals. PPEs are also an essential part of hazard control especially in healthcare industries. The exponential demand is creating immense opportunities for the local as well as other market players to fill the demand-supply gap faced in the first half of the pandemic and creating good manufacturing jobs for the new entrants.

Medical Face Mask: A New Way in Tackling the Deadly Viruses

The escalating awareness of various chronic and acute diseases are rising the usage of medical mask across the globe. The increasing incidence of disease burden worldwide, growing unmet needs for hygiene & safety protection to avoid the spread of virus, and the procedural complication during the treatment are expected to contribute to the growth of the medical face mask market. The increasing number of diseases coupled with number of surgeries are leading to high number of various HAIs. Various epidemiological studies have stated that the US has one of the largest patient pool and mortality rates due to HAIs. In the US, multiple institutions offering healthcare services such as hospitals, surgical centers, long-term care and more are fueling the demand for medical face masks. As per Arizton’s report on medical face mask market, it is estimated that there are around 1.7 million infection incidents in the US and the insurance payers are skeptical towards the payment of HAIs once the patient recovers from the diseases.

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The entire world is facing potential threats due to COVID-19 outbreak. Wearing medical face masks is one of the best solutions towards stopping the spread of coronavirus from person to person. COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the growth of medical face mask across the globe as it is mandatory to wear face masks until there is a permanent solution to fight against coronavirus. According to the research by the  Cambridge University, 90% of the homemade mask made by cotton fabrics and other materials such as t-shirts is effective in preventing the deadly coronavirus. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), states that wearing mask in public places is important to reduce the spread of the coronavirus worldwide. The entire world has made it compulsory to wear face masks, especially in the public places where there can be a high chance of transmission of the infectious viruses such as, coronavirus.

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Ensure Safety by Wearing Gloves as Defense Against Contamination

The increasing awareness of hand hygiene and safety is fueling the need for medical gloves across hospitals. Medical gloves are well recognized as an effective defense against hand contamination in the healthcare settings. Double gloving while surgeries is becoming common in hospitals to reduce the risk of exposure of infections and to tackle the problem of glove perforation faced by the surgeons. Various regulatory bodies are recommending the use of medical gloves and these are becoming an integral part of healthcare PPE kits that help in reducing the transmissions of infections. The rapid surge in the coronavirus cases globally are creating lucrative opportunities for the market players to generate high revenue in the global medical gloves market. Market players are piled with orders during the pandemic and are investing in R&D activities to come up with innovative products that will be more affective to use in this situation. The growing demand for medical gloves has improved the standard of living for the Thai farmers, creating an opportunity for them to generate more revenues by selling latex gloves to the glove’s manufacturer. As per the, The Thai Medical Gloves company has decided to spent 18 billion baht to setup a gloves production plant. This company is expecting to manufacture 600 million boxes of gloves per year and looking forward to export in the US, European countries, India, and Brazil.

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 How Medical Gowns are Playing an Important Role in Hospitals?

The usage of medical gowns is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the healthcare settings for the protection of various factors. The global COVID-19 outbreak created an unprecedented demand for healthcare PPE products, including medical gowns. With the rapid demand for medical gowns, many companies are ramping up their production for both medical gowns and gown materials. In March 2020, various key companies converted their manufacturing operations and prioritized their distribution of medical garments in their facilities across the US. According to the Arizton study, one of the major vendor ExxonMobil boosted the production of raw material for medical gowns by increasing the monthly production of specialized polypropylene by 1000 tones, to meet the production of around 20 million medical gowns. In North America, manufacturers of the medical gowns are innovating with improved material due to the surge in demand of surgical apparels, which in turn, is offering good opportunity for the players in the region. Furthermore, maintaining a balance between quality and cost is a major challenge faced by the North American surgical gowns market. According to the Los Angeles Times, the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the fashion and textile industry to manufacture medical gowns to meet the huge demand, including ones in the Los Angeles businesses to refocus their alignment with the common goal.

The increase in the number of geriatric patient population especially in hospitals is fueling the demand for medical linen in the global market. The reuse of single-use medical linen is common in most countries, particularly in the low-and middle-class income countries. The proper recycling of medical linen, without losing effectiveness, is quite challenging. The aim of governments in many LMICs is to constantly develop the medical pricing system to maintain reasonable low market prices. In this scenario, healthcare facilities should rely on consumables being reused and simple to stay accessible. The most important justification for the reuse of medicinal linen is the financial pressure on the healthcare facilities in the developed countries. Hospital fabrics can spread the infection due to improper disinfection of the fabrics in healthcare facilities. Thus, fueling the demand for disposable medical linen in the global market.

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The usage of healthcare PPE is becoming essential specially in times of a deadly pandemic and manufacturers are trying their level best to match the production to the demand in the global market. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 created exponential demand for the healthcare protective equipment and the entire world was struggling to meet the demand. However, the demand for healthcare PPE is expected to continue to increase in the future, just to avoid the production and supply shortage gap experienced during this pandemic.

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