Implementation of ACA a shot-in-the-arm for the Healthcare Staffing Market in US

07 December 2017

A growing aging population and legislations to provide affordable care to patients have increased the need in the US for a large number of medical professionals, specifically nurses. Despite being the single largest healthcare professionals segment in the country, the registered nurses population is seeing lesser and lesser percentage of growth over the years.

This has opened up the healthcare staffing market to fill medical positions, both temporary and permanent, in various organizations across the country.

Healthcare Staffing Market in the US: Insight

According to a market research report, Healthcare Staffing Market in the US Outlook and Forecast 2018 2023 by Arizton, the major drivers for the growth of the market in the US are the rising shortage of registered nurses in the US, the growing aging population on account of higher life expectancy, and the increasing utilization of healthcare services by US citizens on the back of the ACA launched by President Barack Obama in 2010.

This constantly increasing gap between the demand and availability of health staff including nurses, in various organizations such as acute care hospitals and non-acute care hospitals, government facilities, outpatient clinics, public and charter schools, physician practice groups, ambulatory care facilities, retailers, is propelling the growth of the healthcare staffing market in US. According to Analysts at Arizton, this trend is expected to continue over the next few years and will make healthcare staffing as one of the leading employment sectors in the US, growing at an unprecedented CAGR of 11.93% over 2017-2023, and crossing the $9 billion mark by 2023.

This growth is also expected to be fuelled by a diminishing pipeline of new recruits in the nursing industry in the US owing to low admissions in nursing schools because of shortage of faculty.

According to the report, the demand for allied staff is expected to show a considerable increase, however, the nurses staffing segment will be the major segment in the healthcare staffing market in the US.

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Vendor Dynamics

The market in the US is highly fragmented with the presence of over 2,200 large-, medium-, and small-sized vendors. The competitive environment in this market is expected to intensify further with an increase in product/service extensions and M&As. Arizton believes these national players would grow inorganically by acquiring local or smaller players in the future, and the companies with better human resource base and financial resources are better positioned to flourish in the growing market in the US.

AMN Healthcare, CHG Healthcare Services, Cross Country Healthcare, and Jackson Healthcare are the major players in the healthcare staffing market in the US. Other prominent vendors in the US healthcare staffing market include Accountable Healthcare, Aureus Medical Group, Aya Healthcare, Favorite Healthcare, InGenesis, Healthcare Staffing Services, Maxim Healthcare Services, Medical Solutions, MedPartners, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, Soliant Health, Supplemental Health Care, Trustaff, and Vista Staffing SolutionsYou may reach us at


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