Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots to Gain Prominence in the Global Market by 2022

02 May 2018

Robotics is gaining immense popularity in the global market and are used for various applications that include underwater applications, security and defense, surveillance applications, and domestic robots. The use of autonomous industrial cleaning robots for functions without human intervention within a defined area is gaining immense popularity in the global market. These robots are designed with intelligent sensory feedback control programmed to clean surfaces automatically and additional features such as smart sensory navigation, laser vision, real-time monitoring, dynamic mapping and routing, and a self-emptying function. These robots help increase the efficiency and performance of a production plant or manufacturing unit. The leading vendors are leveraging innovative technology to introduce new features that initiate efficient cleaning process automation that will revolutionize the global market.

The market is expected to generate revenues of over $302 million by 2022, growing at an impressive CAGR of more than 62% during 2016-2022.

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The different products available in the global industrial cleaning robots market are discussed in detail below:

1.    Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots

The extensive use of floor cleaning robots in supermarkets, large shopping malls, warehouses, halls and public facilities, hotel and restaurant chains, and manufacturing plants will augment the growth of this segment in the global market. The leading vendors are developing machines with smart RFID tags for navigation purposes to attract more consumers and boost the revenues. These robots are designed to reduce the labor cost up to 50% and improve cleaning productivity of manual laborers as they are relieved from the time-consuming process of cleaning large surface areas. The different types of floor cleaning robots available in the market include sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and high-pressure washing robots.

The industrial floor cleaning robots market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 64% during the forecast period.

2.    Industrial Duct and Pipe Cleaning Robots

Duct and pipe cleaning robots offer energy efficiency and save a significant amount of money by enhancing health and basic comfort of employees. These robots are primarily designed to improve workers productivity and efficiency in the organization resulting in the growth of the global industrial cleaning robots market. These robots are used by many companies in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial sectors in various European and the Middle Eastern countries. These robots can effectively remove or eliminate the possible ignition source, electrostatic charges, and combustible fumes. The vendors are designed to enable cleaning process faster and easier but also make it possible to record the work through advanced cleaning equipment, which can stream the process online on a real-time basis. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of about 63% during 2018-2023.

3.    Industrial Storage Tank and Boiler Cleaning Robots

The growing demand for a storage tank and boiler cleaning robots that are primarily used to clean fuel or water tanks will boost the development of the industrial cleaning robots market. These robots are designed to remove the toxic wastes through a subsequent centrifugation process, which separates small particulates and frees them from the oil. These robots can operate and be guided from outside via remote control and light-sensitive cameras. The industrial cleaning robots market is also witnessing demand for storage tank cleaning robots for cleaning fresh-water tanks. The implementation of government regulations in various countries which mandates water tanks or towers need to be cleaned every 12 months to comply with national laws will boost the demand for these robots in the global market. These robots use ultrasonic sonar for navigation and often provide a video, which allows the operator to document the cleaning process besides monitoring the water cleaning progress.

4.    Industrial Hull Cleaning Robots

The extensive use of aircraft hull cleaning robots that apply cleaning fluids to the aircraft hull, and a teleoperated-guided brush tool performs the cleaning of the aircrafts wings, and fuselage will attribute to the sales in the industrial cleaning robots market. Leading vendors are introducing robots that use permanent magnets to attach themselves to the hull and clean the ship while it is still in the water, while some use brushes and water jets while some use hot water to kill biofouling without scrubbing. The introduction of such innovative robots will revolutionize the industrial cleaning robots market.

Read: Industrial Cleaning Robot Market to Worth $302 Million by 2022

The leading vendors in the global market are ADLATUS Robotics, Alfred Kärcher, Avidbots, Cleanfix, Combijet, Cyberdyne, Fybots, Makita, MDB, Muratec, Nilfisk, P.T.C., Sealed Air(Taski). BioVac Systems, Danduct Clean, DIS Dry Ice System, IBAK, IBC Robotics, LIFA AIR, LLOYD’s, Neovision (Jetty), Robosoft Systems, Robotics Design, Urakami Research & Development. GE Inspection Robotics, ID-Tec, Scantron Robotics, SOLEX Robotics, Wolftank, Aeffe, Alion Energy, CleanHull, ECA Group Hytec, Ecoppia, Gulf Agency Company, KTV Group, Remora Marine, SeaRobotics, Serbot, and Weda poolcleaner.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Industrial Cleaning Robot MarketRelated Report

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