Ingenico, Fujian, PAX, and Verifone to Dominate the Global POS Market by 2023

27 March 2018

Consumer spending on consumer goods, restaurants, and entertainment industry will propel the growth of the global POS market. The diverse range of products offered by leading merchants in the global industry will boost the implementation of point of sales payment terminals in the global market. Booming retail industry in countries such as India, China, and the US will fuel the adoption of POS systems across the world market. The introduction of innovative mPOS terminals with advanced features will fuel the market and create new avenues of leading vendors over the next few years. The global point of sales market is expected to grow at a CARG of approximately 12% by 2018-2023.

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Key players attributing to the growth of point of sales market are:

1.    Ingenico Group

Ingenico operates in the global market through its three brands that include Ingenico Smart Terminals, Ingenico Payment Services, and Ingenico ePayments. The company is a global leader in the POS terminal market, and it offers a wide array of smart terminals and payment solutions. Ingenico has the world’s largest in-store acceptance network and offers a smart point of sales terminals equipped with advanced technologies along with latest security requirements, and its terminals are paired with a comprehensive range of management services. The smart terminals provided by the company are used across various vertical markets such as hospitality, retail, BFSI, vending, petroleum, and transportation.

Key products offered by Ingenico: Desktop terminals, Portable terminals, Retail terminals, Integrated point of sales, Mobility for SMB, Unattended terminals, Biometric terminals, and Healthcare / e-ID terminals.

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2.    Fujian Newland Payment Technology

Fujian is among the three leading players in the global market, and it offers a wide array of professional financial point of sales, mPOS, and intelligent multimedia systems. The systems by the company are used across various areas such as finance, insurance, telecommunication, logistics, electricity, taxation, and petroleum. Fujian has strong R&D capabilities to develop and introduce innovative products in the market and a long-standing relationship with its distributors nationwide with a recognized commercial market presence. The company is also focusing on increased M&A opportunities to expand into new markets from across the globe.

Key products offered by Fujian: Mobile (SP600 and SP60), Countertop (SP50), iPOS/mPOS (iPOSME11 and mPOS ME30s), Multimedia (N900 and N910), and PIN Pads (SP33).

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3.    PAX Global Technology

PAX is among the global leaders in the point of sales terminal market. E-payment terminals offered by the company comprises traditional systems including countertops, PIN Pads, and Multilane, and mPOS solutions. The company is China’s second largest point of sales terminal supplier after Fujian Newland. The company is focusing on the expansion of sales networks and optimization of sales along with after-sales service network. It will also enlarge the scope of business and market share in major international markets during the forecast period. PAX is expected to seek potential M&A or partnership opportunities along payment value chain to enhance technological know-how or market share. Additionally, the company has vast opportunities to expand its presence in APAC and Europe.

Key products offered by PAX: Countertop and Wireless E-payment Terminals (Q80, S920, S910, S900, S800, S500, S90, S80, S78, S60, S58), Pin Pad Devices (S300, PX5, PX7, SP20 V4, SP30), Multilane Series (PX5, PX7, D800), and Mobile e-payment solutions (D220, D210, D200, D180).

4.    Verifone Systems

Verifone is among the global leaders in offering payment and commerce solutions at point-of-sale and has been offering payment solutions for the last 30 years. The company is known for designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supplying a broad array of innovative payment solutions and complementary services to its customers. The company also delivers point of sales electronic payment devices designed to suit the client’s requirements in a variety of environments such as traditional multilane and countertop implementations, in-vehicle and portable deployments, self-service and unattended environments, mPOS solutions, and fully integrated iPOS solutions.

Key products offered by Verifone: Integrated point of sales (Carbon 10 and Carbon 8), mPOS (e355 and e265), Countertops (VX 520, VX 820 duet, and V200c), PIN pads (VX 820, P200, and P400), and Multilane (MX915, M400, and MX 925), Portables & Transportables (VX 690, V400m, VX 680), and Unattended (UX 410, UX 100/101, UX 300/301, and UX 400/401).The other prominent players in the global point of sales market are BBPOS, Bitel, Castles Technology, Centerm, Dspread Technology, Hangzhou Sunyard, Nexgo (Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology), New POS Technology, Spire Payments, and SZZT Electronics.Read Ariztons Report on Global Point of Sale Market You may reach us at


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