IONM Market – Growing Requirement of Tele-Neuromonitoring is the Latest Trend

26 April 2018

IONM involves the usage of a range of electrophysiological procedures to examine the functional integrity of nervous system during surgical interventions. This method facilitates real-time detection of neural abnormalities during surgery, thereby prompting surgeons for the implementation of corrective actions to prevent permanent or irreversible damage. IONM techniques evaluate the muscle response or electrical activity from multiple muscles as a reaction to nerve stimulation. The growing demand for surgical methodologies that improves patient safety, enhances treatment outcomes, and mitigates post-surgical risks is augmenting the demand in the global market. The extensive use of this surgical technique in spinal procedures, brain, vascular, and orthopedic surgeries will revolutionize the healthcare system in the global market.

The global IONM market is expected to reach revenues of over $4 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of approximately 8% during 2017-2022.

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Increased Utility of IONM in Varied Surgeries

The widespread utilization rate of IONM techniques for different procedures in the healthcare industry will attribute to the improvement in patient care in the global market. An increasing number of surgeons and neurophysiologists are recommending the application of these techniques for surgeries involving and affecting the nervous system. The various specialist areas treated with the help of this procedure include cardiothoracic surgery, ENT surgery, orthopedics, emergency surgery, vascular surgery, visceral surgery, and general surgery. The other areas where this technique is being adopted are of major surgeries such as thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, mastoidectomy, spinal cord tumor resection, total hip arthroplasty, bone tumor resection, total shoulder arthroplasty, abdominal/thoracic aneurysm, cardiopulmonary bypass, and sub-clavian bypass. The increasing application of this methodology will revolutionize patient care systems and create lucrative opportunities for leading vendors in the global market.

Growing Requirement of Tele-Neuromonitoring

Tele-neuromonitoring enabled qualified and certified IONM professionals to monitor patients from remote locations effectively. Remote neuromonitoring uses a secured internet connection and other wireless devices to provide accurate neuromonitoring services through-out the surgical process from distant locations. Through remote-neuromonitoring, the certified technologist or the physician can continuously monitor all the vital data, including action potential amplitude value, blood pressure data, and the degree of muscle relaxation. Remote monitoring helps doctors reach small communities and rural areas and provide superior healthcare services from remote locations. Several hospitals and clinics are relying on tele-neuromonitoring, where a certified medical professional can provide high-quality monitoring service from any distant location and help save lives in the global market. Such efficiencies will also contribute to the transformation of remote healthcare market across the globe.

Development of Portable and Multi-Modality IONM Devices

The leading manufacturers are leveraging advanced technology to launch compact and portable IONM devices, which are capable of getting configured with any laptop or desktop in the global market. These compact equipment features small-sized device components and minimal cables, thereby, decreasing both set-up time and the space needed to provide efficient monitoring. These innovative devices are designed to assess multiple functionalities of the nervous system simultaneously and are commonly referred as multi-modality equipment. Multi-modality equipment is capable to simultaneously monitor multiple nerve stimulations such as Evoked Potential (EP) (including SEP, TcMEP, BAEP, VEP), free-run EMG, and stimulated EMG, EEG. Innovation and technology will result in the evolution of the market and boost the revenues during the forecast period.

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The leading vendors in the IONM market are SpecialtyCare, Natus Medical Incorporated, NuVasive Inc, Medtronic Plc, and inomed Medizintechnik GmbH.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Intraoperative Neuromonitoring MarketRelated Report

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