KONE A Pioneering Force in the Elevators and Escalators Market


In the era of technology innovation, KONE plays a major role in the elevators and escalators market. KONE has grown from a regional player to one of the world's leading providers of vertical transportation solutions. 

KONE's successful journey has been characterized by several innovative accomplishments that have changed the industry environment. The KONE UltraRope®, a lightweight carbon fiber core for elevator hoisting technology, is a noteworthy breakthrough. This innovation increases energy efficiency and makes it possible for elevators to reach higher altitudes than before. KONE UltraRope® helps with sustainability initiatives by lowering lifting rope weight considerably, which makes it easier to create higher, more energy-efficient structures.  


KONE's emphasis on smart and connected solutions is another noteworthy development. The company uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to collect real-time data from escalators and elevators through its KONE 24/7 Connected Services. Predictive maintenance is possible with this data-driven strategy, which minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. KONE provides proactive servicing solutions that improve user experience and set new operational efficiency standards.  


According to KONE, the company has scoped out the future need for green technology and expanded its global presence. KONE offers many solutions to help design future-proof, sustainable buildings that meet green building requirements. For example, KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting service and digital connectivity open exciting new possibilities for more energy-efficient building management. 

Arizton has recently published elevator and escalator market research reports in various regions. KONE is a major player in the market.   

In 2023, the Middle East remained a significant market for elevator and escalator companies, with India and the Middle East highlighted regions for KONE. Despite a decline in European residential markets, activity remained high in the Middle East, indicating resilience and growth opportunities in the region. 

In June 2023, KONE was selected to provide elevators for the fourth phase of our large-scale Riviera project in MBR City. KONE LLC will supply and install upscale KONE elevators for the initial six buildings within phase four of Riviera, a waterfront community in MBR City inspired by the French Mediterranean lifestyle. 

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KONE Hong Kong offers an electrical engineering certificate program (Lift and Escalator). This ground-breaking curriculum provides theoretical knowledge and practical training in elevator and escalator engineering, and it is specifically designed for those who want to work in the elevator and escalator sector.  

This program, accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualification and compliant with Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 2 standards, is intended to give participants the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to become registered elevator/escalator engineers. This will lay the groundwork for future professional qualification acquisition. 


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