Line Array Systems to Dominate the Pro Speaker Market During 2018-2023

11 April 2018

Pro speaker is an essential component of sound reinforcement systems. Speakers are designed and engineered to capture, enhance, and amplify the live or pre-recorded sound and distribute it over a large area to an audience. It aims to deliver amplified sound to the large or distant audience while retaining the existing audio quality and ensuring that the sound is not directed to non-listener areas. The exponential growth of various industries including hospitality, real estate, corporate, education, and music is boosting the demand in the pro speaker market. The increasing demand for these devices from emerging countries of China, India, and Brazil will attribute to the growth of the global market. The leading vendors are focusing on leveraging IoT to introduce digital wireless systems and other connected devices which will enable pro speaker to operate in remote locations.

The global pro speaker market is estimated to generate revenues of over $2.2 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 3% during 2018-2023.

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The different types of products available in the pro speaker market are:

1.    Global Point Source Speaker Systems Market

Point source speaker systems are the most widely available pro speaker systems available in the market and are commonly known as point-and-shoot loudspeakers. These are budget speakers and are largely suitable for small venues, the house of worship, small live events, retail outlets, and corporate setups considering their coverage or scope, room dimension, and aesthetic appeal. The coherence and cost-effectiveness of these point source speaker systems are propelling the growth of the market. The point source speaker system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 2% during 2017-2023.

2.    Global Line Array Speaker Systems Market

A line array speaker system is the most preferred choice for installation and large touring production. It consists of multiple identical or similar loudspeakers that are arranged in a vertically or horizontally connected configuration and works together to cover the frequency range. Line array speaker systems keep consistent sound levels from the front to the back of the listening areas. Also, a well-placed line array speaker system prevents sound leaking onto stages resulting in decreased level of sound regeneration through open microphones on the stage. Such factors are boosting the use of these systems in live music events and large venues such as stadium or gaming arenas thereby, augmenting the growth of the pro speaker market.

3.    Global Subwoofer Speakers Market

Subwoofer speakers are low-frequency speakers and are designed to reproduce low and sub-low frequency content and amplify bass sound waves. These speakers are mostly used in theatres and large cinema multiplexes and help to create realistic movie experience for cinema viewers. Subwoofers are also used to amplify low sounds in music and create a more dynamic listening experience for users. New generation subwoofers are easy to control and offer ease of integration with audio systems. Innovative designs feature advanced electronic servo-control and dedicated amplification. Subwoofers come in two categories – passive and powered. The increasing construction of entertainment centers and rise in a number of small festivals and events are driving the demand for subwoofers in the pro speaker market.

4.    Global Pro Speaker Market by Other Speaker Systems

The other types of speaker systems available in the global market include column array speakers, distributed loudspeaker systems, and cluster speaker systems. A column array speaker system works similar to line array; however, multiple drivers are stacked vertically in a single narrow cabinet. These are aesthetically appealing and offer a cost-effective way to provide vertical pattern control. These speakers are preferred for outdoor applications and in the hospitality industry. In a distributed speaker system, multiple smaller format speakers are placed or spread throughout the coverage area. A cluster speaker system is nothing but a combination of many point source speakers being used in conjunction with one another. A cluster speaker system offers a higher sound pressure level (SPL) output. The introduction of these devices will propel the growth of the pro speaker market.

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The top players in the global pro speaker market are Bose, d&b audiotechnik/system, HARMAN International (Samsung), L-Acoustics, LOUD Audio, MUSIC Group (MUSIC Tribe), and Yamaha.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Pro Speaker MarketView Ariztons Full Report On Global Pro Microphone MarketYou may reach us at

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