Packaging plays an important role in creating a brand impression on the buyer’s mind. The packaging design of luxury brands should convey a sense of quality. Good packaging design often plays a vital role in exhibiting a luxury brand’s positioning and value. It promotes a sense of quality, elegance, and sophistication for their products.

A luxury brand can strengthen its relationship with consumers by enhancing its green credentials and making a commitment to local sourcing. Also, security is essential for luxury brands as counterfeiting and supply chain security lapses are major challenges that result in potential financial losses.

The luxury packaging industry is increasingly adopting technological innovations, and it often engages the world’s best manufacturers and designers. Further,brand owners are focusing on improving the characteristics of their existing packaging to gain competitive advantages. There is an increasing belief in the potential for packaging to build brand recognition and memorability and appeal to senses – touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight

E-commerce to Revolutionize Packaging Design, Formats and Templates

  • The online sale of luxury goods, estimated at $2 billion in 2005, grew to $18 billion by 2015, registering spectacular growth, which has uplifted the luxury packaging industry as well.

The rise of e-commerce has led to a revolutionary shift in the packaging design and transportation of goods. With the requirement for goods to be transported over longer distances on account of e-commerce, luxury goods manufacturers are increasingly adopting multiple packaging formats to suit their sale channels. The impressive growth of e-commerce has also brought several interesting changes in packaging templates. For instance, rectangular and octagonal tins are a preferred format for packaging boutique chocolate and cookies. They ensure that the goods do not tamper during the transit. Further, good luxury vendors such as fashion accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, and watches are increasingly re-designing packaging templates to suit the omnichannel business model.

Increasing Demand for Technology-blended Luxury Packaging

The introduction of new technologies is expected to increase the growth of the luxury packaging industry. Codes and applications, 3D printing, digital printing, and anti-counterfeiting technologies are the most prominent technologies of the luxury packaging industry. In addition,augmented reality (AR) and ID and QR codes are increasingly being used in combination with luxury packaging design. Further, technologies such as tamper-proof Seelcap, or the Holosleeve, are being used to guarantee the authenticity of a product along with the brand’s integrity. Brands such as Hennessy cognacs and Rémy Martin use the Holosleeve on their product packaging.

Growing Sustainability in Luxury Packaging Industry

Customers are gradually becoming environmentally conscious and are seeking sustainable lifestyle choices. There is also growing pressure on luxury brand owners to decrease the environmental impact of packaging while maintaining the luxury quotient. This has prompted many luxury packaging companies to obtain the sustainable packaging coalition status and use an eco-friendly material such as paperboard. Therefore, packaging manufacturers are opting for eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental impact.

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