Apollo Education, BlackBoard Learn, British Council, Oracle, and Pearson To Boost Sales in E-Learning Market

06 April 2018

The changes in the learning pattern due to globalization, talent migration, and consistent improvements in corporate competencies and individual talent grooming have increased the scope of the e-learning market. Cloud infrastructure, peer-to-peer problem solving, open content creation, and swift expansion are major factors augmenting growth in the global e-learning market. Rapid growth in internet connectivity in emerging economies driven by federal budgets will have a positive impact on the market revenues. The demand for cloud-based learning, AR and VR, and mobile-based learning applications is transforming the education market. Learning management system (LMS), packaged content, and gamified applications are gaining immense traction in the global market. The prominent vendors are offering customized content to individuals, corporates, and federal bodies as their requirements to increase their market share.

The e-learning market is estimated to generate revenues of over $65 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 7% by 2018-2023.

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The key players in the e-learning market are:

1.    Apollo Education Group Inc

Apollo Education Group seeks to focus on improving the lives of working adults through higher education. It also focuses on making unemployed learners job-ready and employed learners more productive in their careers. The company focuses on diversification through growth at international institutions and increase the professional development and other non-degree programs including business-to-business product and service. Apollo Education Group offers a wide range of courses that range from university courses to vocational courses including Web development in the global e-learning market.

Key News: Apollo Education Group is making strategic acquisitions to access emerging markets of India and China and increasing LMS installation for vocational courses and universities that will help them improve their world ranking in the market.

2.    BlackBoard Learn

BlackBoard Learn is a digital course management system developed by BlackBoard Inc., an education technology company. It is a web-based software solution that constitutes course management, customizable open architecture, and scalable design in which information systems and authentication protocols are incorporated. BlackBoard’s LMS is one of the most sophisticated digital learning platforms in the global e-learning market. The company is undeniably the market leader in the US market. Its diversified product portfolio, easy to operate LMS are some of the factors for its success in the e-learning market.

Key News: BlackBoard is focusing on collaborations with the indigenous companies in the emerging economies such as India, China, and Africa that host huge potential markets and high prospective growth of the market.

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3.    British Council

British Council primarily focuses on English language and promotes its skills, culture, and society across the world. The goal of this organization is to help people gain access to trusted qualifications which support their career and study prospects. The primary business of British Council is to promote the English language all over the world through various media such as web, TV, and radio broadcasts. Its e-learning digital platform “Learn English” is popular across the global e-learning market.

Key News: British Council is forming collaborations with cultural organizations and multinational companies such as TCS and Vodafone, offering it the best of insights of language learning needs in both general education and corporate learning in the global e-learning market.


4.    Oracle

Oracle specializes in database software systems, cloud-engineered systems, and enterprise software products. Oracle ventured into the business when it acquired Taleo in 2012, and the company also has its suite application called Oracle iLearning, an enterprise learning management system. The company is offering various applications such as human resource management, supply chain management, customer service application, etc. This business application covers all the solutions that a corporation requires through incorporating the SaaS model, thereby promoting the growth of the global e-learning market.

Key News: Oracle is incorporating cloud-based technology in its services. Its acquisitions and collaborations with various e-learning companies such as Taleo, Learn.com, and PeopleSoft show their caliber in the global e-learning market.

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5.    Pearson PLC

Pearson is the world’s largest publishing company and is home to many digital educational brands such as Revel, eCollege, Pearson Vue, etc., providing courses from Pre-K-12 to higher education to career opportunities. The company operates in the media and the educational sectors. With a strong brand name and an impressive product and service portfolio, Pearson is undoubtedly the leader in the global e-learning market.

Key News: Pearson is focusing on gaining market credibility in the emerging economies such as China, Africa, and India. The company is also investing in translators for the native languages in key growth markets to gain further inroads into the global market.

The other prominent vendors in the e-learning market are Docebo, McGraw-Hill eLearning Group, Aptara, Desire2Learn, Edmodo, Skillsoft, Cengage Learning, Macmillan Education, Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., and Educomp.View Ariztons Full Report On Global E-learning MarketYou may reach us at


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