Maple Water Market – Healthy Drinks lead to healthy Lifestyle

07 February 2020

Maple water, which is known as sap, is a clear liquid that flows for a short period during the spring season from maple trees. It is considered to be an alternative to sports drinks, which are rich in nutrients, electrolytes, and phytochemicals and 46 other bio compounds that help in hydration.

With the growing awareness of the risks associated with alcoholic and soda-based beverages, the focus has been shifted toward non-alcoholic and plant-based water among health-conscious consumers across the globe. Plant-based water is derived from plants without any additional preservatives or gluten.

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A View of Maple Water

Maple water is widely consumed by the health-conscious population along with sports and fitness enthusiasts. It comes in two types flavored and unflavored, though the latter generates major sale proportion, contributing more than 50% of the revenue share to the market. Owing to the growth of the health-conscious population, there is a growth in demand for alternative plant-based water such as maple water, which can be a substitute for coconut water. Vendors, who received a positive response from the unflavored segment, have now entered the flavored market in order to satisfy the dynamic taste preferences of different consumers. Vendors are innovating new product lines and introducing a variety of flavors so that consumers can reap the benefit of nutrition from such plant-based water.

Factors Expected to Drive the Market in Future

  • Maple water is rich in nutrients and vitamins. The natural electrolytes present in the drinks can be a vital hydrating and rejuvenating agent for the end users
  • Owing to the growth in the health-conscious population, the demand for maple water is increasing, thereby affecting market growth further.
  • The need for low-calorie and non-preservative drinks is likely to influence the market further
  • Millennials have a craze for flavored drinks, especially maple water as the drink comes in different flavors.
  • The increasing consciousness toward eco-friendly nature of the product is another factor contributing to market growth. Several key vendors offer drinks in paper boards, which are biodegradable in nature.

Geographical Representation

North America: This region is the largest maple water producer and accounts for more than 50% of the total production across the globe. The majority of people prefer to drink unflavored non-sparkling water in the region. An increase in the health-conscious population, the growing trend for alternative waters, the rise in fitness enthusiasts are the reasons for the high market size and consumption of maple water in the region.

Europe: This continent is the second-largest market for maple water. The European consumers are demanding low calorie and high functional waters. This made producers from North America to venture into the potential markets of Europe. More than 70% of European consumers are willing to buy healthier products that have reduced amounts of sugar, salt, and calorie content. With Germany leading in the consumption of organic foods, more than 40% of consumers are buying only vegetarian products.

APAC: China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, and Singapore are major markets in this region. A high inclination toward the consumption of organic and natural products and the presence of a large millennial population are contributing to the market growth. Moreover, the growth can be attributed to the growing middle-class economy, high disposable income, and high health consciousness among consumers.

Due to the rising obesity levels of APAC countries, especially China and India, consumers are opting for healthy beverages. More than 70% of the Chinese people are willing to spend money on healthier foods such as plant-based water, making it one of the most health-conscious countries in the world.Request for your free sample now!Prominent Vendors

  • Oviva
  • Maple3
  • Happytree Maple Water
  • Drink Simple
  • Pure Maple Water
  • Wahta
  • Necta
  • Seva
  • Kiki
  • Sibberi
  • Tretap
  • Anti Plus
  • Sap Sucker
  • Sap on Tap
  • Arbeau
  • Maple Mama
  • Tapped Muskoka
  • My Maple Water
  • Asarasi

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