Mars, Mondelez, and Perfetti likely to Dominate Global Functional Chewing Gum Market

17 October 2017

A study at Arizton Advisory & Intelligence state that Mars, Mondelez, and Perfetti are expected to dominate the global functional chewing gum market. All these leading vendors have a presence across the globe. On the other hand, there are many specialized, niche vendors who cater to the regional demand. Many functional gum manufacturers are based in developed countries of North America and Europe.

Obesity and overweight rates are high in these regions, and more people are thus getting health conscious. The report Functional Chewing Gum Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017−2022, states that the chewing market is saturated in developed countries, and the demand is declining. Thus, manufacturers are introducing functional chewing gums with added health benefits to increase the sales of chewing gums. The demand for functional food including functional gums is the highest in the APAC region, especially Japan and China. They are many small vendors who are offering functional chewing gums.

View report: Functional Chewing Gum Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

The market is also witnessing the entry of private label brands, which are offering a tough competition to leading vendors. These private label brands are offering functional chewing gums for a variety of health issues compared to major international brands. For instance, WUGUM offers functional gums for energy, sleep, relaxation, tanning, after sports activities, slimming, prevent a hangover, and other such varieties, while major international brands are majorly offering teeth whitening and energy gums.


The company is a US-based manufacturer of pet food, confectionery, drinks, and other products.  It is the sixth largest privately held company in the US. The company manufactures chewing gums through its subsidiary, Wrigley. It is one of the largest manufacturers of chewing gums.


Mondelez International manufactures and markets beverage and snack food products. The company sells chewing gums under the brand name Dentyne, Dirol, Hollywood, Stimorol, Stride, and Trident. It sells functional chewing gum under the brand name Trident. It has introduced various technologies to improve the production and manufacturing of chewing gums.


The company was established in 2001 after the acquisition of Van Melle of the Netherlands by the Perfetti Group of Italy. It is headquartered in Schiphol, Netherlands. The company sells chewing gum under the brands Daygum, Happydent, Smint, Vigorsol, and Vivident. These are regional brands and are available in select countries. It sells functional chewing gum under the brands Vivident, Happydent, and Daygum. These gums offer teeth whitening and oral care hygiene functions.

The functional chewing gum market report also profiles the other major vendors including Cloetta, Khlôros Technologies, Lemon Pharma, Functional Gums s.r.l., Ezaki Glico, Meiji Holdings, Orion Group, Project 7, Masterfoodeh Co., Mastix , Vitaball Inc., and WUGUM.You may reach us at


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