Around the globe, women are showing increasing focus on building their careers, which has resulted in a conscious decision them to delay childbirth and continue working late into their pregnancy.

The working women of today seem to have been able to strike the right balance between their professional aspirations and commitments and their pre-parental responsibilities. Therefore, several maternity care products have been launched, which are designed and developed keeping in mind  the working expectant mothers. These products range from personal care products to vitamins and dietary supplements to apparels.

The demand for maternity care products is increasing exponentially across the globe, and North America is not an exception. With a large number of working expectant mothers, the US and Canada are the fast growing markets for maternity care products.

Maternity Care Market in North America: Insight

According to a market research report, Maternity Care Market in North America – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 – 2023 by Arizton, the major drivers for increasing demand for maternity care products in the US and Canada are manifold. Increased fertility rates and better market penetration of maternity care products in the North American markets are two of the primary factors responsible for the fast growing maternity care market in North America. The market growth is also propelled substantially by the trend among women in the US and Canada to delay childbirth due to professional commitments and to work late into their pregnancy.

With a large number of working women in the US and Canada, the maternity apparel market is growing exponentially and is expected to continue growing the same way over the next few years. The growing awareness of harmful effects of chemicals is driving the demand for organic  personal care products among women in this region. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years and increase the market for organic personal care products in North America. Similarly, growing awareness among women about the deficiency of vitamin and mineral is driving the demand for prenatal and postnatal vitamins in the region.

According to  the report, the market in North America is expected to cross $3 billion by 2023.

Maternity Care Market in North America: Vendor Dynamics

Major maternity care product vendors such as  ASOS, Seraphine, Cake Maternity, Destination Maternity, The Hut Group, E.T. Browne Drug, The Honest Company, Merz Pharma, New Chapter, Garden of Life, and Nature’s Way are focusing on innovations and marketing to capitalize on the growing needs of the expectant mothers in the region. R&D by these vendors are focused primarily on functionality, ease-of-use, and health benefits of the mothers and unborns.

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