Millennials and Generation X to Boost Sales in the US Floral Gifting Market by 2023

26 April 2018

The generational shift in attitudes is creating the need for floral gifting cultures among millennials and generation X in the US market. Floral gifting is a deeply-embedded tradition and is an expression of profound human emotion in the US. The growing demand for sustainable flowers is augmenting the development of the US market. The leading vendors are leveraging variable pricing to attract new consumers and boost their revenues in the US market. The presence of a strong emotional and sensory connection with flowers is becoming its number one selling factor in the US market. Flowers are perfect gifts as it helps break the ice, bridge gaps, and strengthen relationships. Additionally, rapidly changing players, remodeling/repurposing, redefined roles, the shift of production base, and modern strategies are some of the factors that will augment the growth of the US market.

The US floral gifting market is estimated to reach revenues of approximately $16 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 6% during 2018-2023.

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The generational segments that constitute around 44% of the consumers who buy flowers three-four times annually on average in the US market. These sections are discussed in detail below:

  • Millennials

The increasing purchasing power and accessibility of flowers 24/7 through online purchases are creating the demand for floral gifting ideas among the millennials segment. The market is organized, easy-to-use products, constantly updated, sensitive to the environment, mobile-friendly, technology-oriented and freedom of choice are some of the factors attributing to the demand in the millennials segment. The DIY concept is a prominent trend in the market, and the widespread discovery through apps and websites are serving as inspiration for floral arrangements among millennials in the US. The florists are leveraging studios or organizing a fun activity of creating bouquets at a local hot spot to attract more consumers and bridge the gap between consumers and vendors in the US market. The increasing focus on creating a strong visual presence on social media sites and drive conversations around brands online are new strategies adopted by companies in the US market. Fair-trade sourcing, using sustainable materials and recycling, and organic growth is some of the factors that allow vendors to attract millennial consumers in the US market.


  • Generation X

Generation X are consumers that make purchase decisions that are guided by research and knowledge. The top players are offering an omnichannel experience, a user-friendly design, subscription services, gift reminders, and pick-up and go bouquets to attract generation X consumers in the US market. Marketing strategies that promote the companies as transparent and altruistic, benefiting grower communities and the environment that appeal to generation X consumers will propel the development of the market in the US. The rise in the disposable income and increasing availability of rare and exotic flowers are some of the factors attributing to the growth of the floral gifting market in this consumer segment. The leading vendors are offering a wide selection, with a mixture of flowers and complementary elements, and along with 24/7 accessibility bodes the growth of the floral gifting market in the generation X consumer segment.

Generation X Floral Gifting Market Insights 2017

Floral Gifting Market in US - Generation X

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  •  Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the most lucrative consumer groups and are considered reliable customers in the floral gifting market in the US. Baby boomers have an emotional connection with flowers and use it for presenting it at funerals and birthdays. They also prefer flower gifting ideas for family members like daughters and sons and retirement parties are new avenues that will drive growth in the market. The growing need for convenience in services is encouraging vendors to offer additional services in the US floral gifting market.  Players are providing high-quality value designs and focusing on quality and efficient logistics to attract more consumers and gain a larger market share. Vendors must provide added value such as adding specialty blooms in gifts to enhance the impact and boost revenues in the US market.

Baby Boomers Floral Gifting Market Insights 2017

Floral Gifting Market in US - Baby Boomer

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