Non-contact Thermometer, a New Way to Measure Temperatures

22 November 2019

Measuring body temperatures is one of the vital aspects of medical diagnosis. In the world that is increasingly fraught with communicable and contagious diseases, the introduction of non-contact thermometers is no less than a blessing. A non-contact or infrared thermometer device measures the body temperature using infrared technology, is not only helping to measure fever but also aiding in detecting the earliest symptoms among people.

While the days of traditional mercury-based thermometers are over, the introduction of infrared thermometers, including forehead, in-ear, and multifunction models is growing in the market.

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Over the years, the market has witnessed the use of several infrared thermometers, a few stand out in the lost. In this blog, we will briefly touch upon several types of infrared thermometers.

Forehead Non-contact Infrared Thermometers: Although these types of devices dominate the market, they cost more than traditional mercury devices. They use infrared technology to measure the temperature by swiping across the person’s forehead. Forehead models are easy to use and deliver fast results, hence they are used prominently in infants and babies.

In-ear Non-contact Infrared Thermometers: Such devices use the same technology as forehead models; however, they measure the temperature from the tympanic membrane, where the tip of the thermometer is inserted into the ear canal. They are recommended for babies above 6 months old.

These models are equipped with disposable lens filters, which help maintain hygiene, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure that the ear wax doesn’t impact the accuracy of the reading. These devices are observing high adoption due to the rising expenditure on the healthcare segment, the increasing awareness of advanced thermometers, increased investments by government and private agencies in the healthcare infrastructure worldwide.

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Multifunction Non-contact Infrared Thermometers: These equipment combine the qualities and functionalities of forehead and in-ear devices. Multifunction models are new in the market and demand is increasing steadily as they can measure the temperature from infants to adults and the elderly.

Such devices are not only limited to gauge body temperatures but can also measure the temperature of food, liquids, rooms, and other surfaces. This feature is increasing the popularity of the devices, particularly among mothers as they seek to check temperatures of food and milk before feeding their babies.

Smart technologies are likely to be implemented related to multifunction models, increasing awareness among consumers, high disposable incomes, and the rise in affordability are the crucial factors, which are likely to promote market growth.Request for your free sample now!Prominent Vendors

  • Geratherm
  • Hill-Rom Holdings Inc.
  • Omron Healthcare
  • Paul Hartmann

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