The Need of Patient Isolation Systems in the Modern Era of Healthcare

22 June 2021

The requirement of making healthcare more patient-centered is gaining traction in the global market. Based on the evidence, healthcare services should be more organized for patients instead of the providers. The rising consumption of antibiotics, changing lifestyles, and increasing laboratory automation in the detection of infectious diseases is expected to boost the patient isolation systems market in the upcoming years. In the US, the average number of isolation rooms available was 5.8 per hospital in 2019. With the rising pressure for hospital beds and the need for negative pressure isolation rooms vendors, such as AirBoss of America, have witnessed a steady rise in the adoption of portable patient isolation systems, including rooms and transport units. Smart technologies are adopted across industrial and medical verticals in the global market. In recent years, with the rise in hospital-borne infections and other diseases, it is necessary for the healthcare spaces to invest in equipment capable of providing sufficient isolation capabilities with minimizing the load on existing infrastructure. The increase in the capacity of existing hospitals and other medical facilities is expected to proportionally surge the demand for portable patient isolation systems.

China and India consist of large patient populations with various chronic diseases. In India, the rise in the geriatric population is fueling the demand for advanced hospitals and healthcare facilities to treat patients. The availability of a wide range of portable patient isolation systems in various end-user groups is likely to boost the growth of the market in the future. The impact of COVID-19 is creating lucrative opportunities for the players to invest in this market. There huge demand for portable patient isolation systems in the global market owing to the increase in hospital admissions. Various major and other prominent players are strengthening their market presence where the demand for flexible, portable, and scalable isolation capabilities are high.

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Market Opportunities in the Patient Isolation Systems

According to the research, several studies state the susceptibility of infectious diseases in patients with chronic ailments. With the increase in investment from hospitals to buy a greater number of beds to cater to the rising number of chronic diseases, the demand for patient isolation systems is surging in global healthcare settings. As of October 2020, India had the second-highest number of active COVID-19 cases, and the country has a target of getting its bed ratio to 2 beds per 1000 people. This translates to over 2.7 million beds in the coming years. Such developments will require improvements in infectious patient isolation systems as well, including portable patient isolation solutions. By 2022, more than 30% of healthcare expenditure across the globe is expected to rise from emerging countries. The patient isolation systems market in the emerging economies will offer significant growth opportunities worldwide.

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As of 2019, the construction of healthcare projects worth over USD 400 billion was underway. In most developing countries, the expenditure on healthcare settings has increased immensely, due to the higher budget allotments in the national financial budget. Government initiatives is encouraging the players in healthcare to boost the infrastructure investments, resulting in high expenditure ineffective equipment and mitigating infection spreads. The demand for patient isolation systems, both fixed and portable, does not come from large hospitals and new constructions only. These solutions also find adoption during retrofit and renovation activities in the medical landscape and in nursing homes and clinics. As per WHO, the growth of chronic diseases are a major concern around the world. For instance, all cardiovascular diseases cause around 18.1 million deaths worldwide every year, and this number is expected to rise more than 23 million by 2030. Chronic diseases are especially widespread in places with unexpectedly high populations, such as the US, the UK, and Germany. Hence, the patient isolation solutions are finding use to increase the overall preparedness factor in hospitals and clinics. It is estimated that the old-age dependency ratio in Europe will increase from around 29% in 2016 to around 51% in 2070. Due to which both positive and negative pressure portable patient isolation systems will find adoption and is expected to witness new sales and drive the market.

Insights About the Major Players in the Patient Isolation Systems

The players in the global patient isolation systems are investing extensively in R&D and product development activities to expand their product portfolio. The competition in this market is based on features such as quality, quantity, technology, services, and price. Arizton believes that global players will grow by acquiring regional or local players offering complementing technologies in future years. The adoption rate of portable patient isolation products among end-users in the US and Europe has been impressive since their launch and was led by stringent regulations governing the healthcare sector. The growth of players in the market depends on their condition, GDP growth, and industry development especially focused healthcare infrastructure. One of the major players Gama Healthcare offers infection control products including, cleaning and patient isolation, through its brands Clinell, Rediroom, Carell, Contiplan, and Cleanall. Rediroom is the patient isolation system offered by GAMA Healthcare. Under the patient isolation products market, RGF Environmental Group offers ISOPORT that is a customizable chamber used in healthcare and cleanroom settings. RGF has divided its portfolio into segments such as air, water, food, AFL industries, the element air, and biocontrol. As of 2019, the company has manufactured more than 500 environmental products.

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FAQs about the Global Patient Isolation Systems Market:

Q. What is the market size of the patient isolation systems?

A. The global patient isolation systems market to cross USD 65 million by 2026.

Q. What is the market growth of patient isolation systems?

A. The global patient isolation systems market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13% during the forecast period.

Q. What is the market segmentation of the patient isolation systems?

A. The global patient isolation systems market is segmented by product, end-user, readiness, and geography.

Q. What is the market insight of the patient isolation systems?

A. Europe was the largest pods market in 2020 and is expected to reach over USD 13 million by 2026.

Q. What are the major regions in the patient isolation systems market?

A. The leading regions in the global patient isolation system market include Europe, North America, APAC, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

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