Online Options and DIY Concepts to Drive the Pool Equipment and Maintenance Market

26 March 2018

The pool equipment and maintenance market is projected to generate revenues of around $17 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of approximately 11% by 2017-2022. The increasing disposable income, growth in the travel and tourism industry, and construction of new pools is propelling the growth of the global pool equipment and maintenance market. The growing awareness among people to maintain their swimming pools themselves due to penetration of high-speed internet will positively impact the market revenue during the forecast period. The development of the commercial segments is boosting the demand for these services in the global pool equipment and maintenance market. The global market is also witnessing a rise in demand for other equipment such as cleaners, filters, chemicals, and safety fences, etc. due to the increasing awareness among customers toward the importance of pool cleaning and safety.

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Online Websites are Guides for Basic Pool Maintenance Tasks

Pool owners seek help from online blogs and videos available on the social media, company websites, and YouTube to maintain their pool equipment. Several maintenance issues are minor and can be resolved by the consumer thereby, driving the pool equipment and maintenance market. With the availability of all this information online, buyers would be able to save on basic maintenance costs which they would have to bear otherwise. This would urge more individual buyers to build swimming pools which are likely to lead to the rise in the demand for pool equipment. For example, when the lid is removed from the filter for cleaning or pipe breaks during heavy rains, there are chances that water can enter the motor. In this case, the motor should be left to dry and not started before 24 hours as it could result in a short circuit and can damage the motor. Such information from online websites will drive the growth of the pool equipment and maintenance market.

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Increasing Trend to Construct Swimming Pools with DIY Setup

The DIY setups in the above ground pools and in-ground pool equipment that are available in the pool equipment and maintenance market with simple procedures are enabling buyers to set up their swimming pools by themselves. DIY setups are valuable for buyers as they save a lot of money involved in installation costs resulting in the growth of the pool equipment and maintenance market. The DIY setup can be included in-ground pools such as natural pools, vinyl liner pools, and fiberglass pools. The swimming pools with DIY setups are considered as high value by buyers as they save a significant amount of money. Also, there are options such as online blogs, YouTube videos, and videos posted by vendors on their website or social media that individual pool owners can refer to in order to maintain their pools by themselves. The rise in demand for DIY swimming pools will contribute to the demand for pool equipment, which, in turn, contribute to the global pool equipment and maintenance market.Demand for Additional Swimming Pool Features

Some of the additional swimming pool features such as pools with infinity edge, zero entry pools, spray pools, fountains, streams, bar tables or stools, tanning shelf, and spools play an important role to attract high-end customers in the pool equipment and maintenance market. Infinity edge or negative edge swimming pools are the most popular in the high-end segment because of their beautiful design and ability to enhance the view. These pools are customized at one or more sides and give an impression of the water merging into the landscape. Spray pools have in-built water sprayers that can be installed near the pool. They mostly help in children’s play or offer an aesthetic feature. Similarly, fountains and streams can also be used in a pool to improve the appearance. Such additional features will revolutionize the pool equipment and maintenance market.

The leading vendors in the pool equipment and maintenance market are Aqua products, Hayward, Pentair, Zodiac, Maytronics, and Fluidra.View Ariztons Full Report On Global Pool Equipment and Maintenance MarketYou may reach us at

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