Professional Microphones, Making the Right Noise

02 December 2019

Do you know microphones were invented and first patented in 1877 by a renowned American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison? The need to communicate to a large group of people and being audible has been driving the demand for microphones in several professions for centuries now.

As microphones evolved in their functions, appearance, designs and capacities, the industry has manufactured microphones that are suitable for different professions, hence pro microphone is nothing but microphones for professionals.

This article will help readers to understand the usage of professional microphones in different industries and professions. Let’s get started.

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Corporates: The global sound reinforcement market is witnessing a boost due to the demand for audio and video equipment in government offices, institutional workplaces, and corporate houses. With an intensifying competitive market, the corporate sector and institutional workplaces are increasingly adopting AV equipment to ease the working environment and smooth flow of work activities. The world is witnessing increasing demand for corporate e-learning programs and integrated technology-based (IT) corporate learning programs, thereby creating the need for IT enabled classrooms, meeting rooms equipped with sound reinforcement equipment such as professional microphones.

  • The corporate segment was the largest market contributor to the global professional microphone market in 2018.
  • Several large corporations plan to open their offices in Berlin, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Hence, the increase in office spaces is expected to drive the demand for pro AV solutions.
  • North America remains the dominant region in the professional microphone market.
  • The US GDP growth in the Q1 and Q2 2018 exceeded 4% and 2.1%, respectively, and the US unemployment rate has come down significantly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the net absorption of office spaces in the country grew by an average of 10.4 million sq. ft. per quarter in 2018.

Large Venues and Events: This segment is driven by the growth in live concerts, theme parks, stadiums and arena, tradeshows, and exhibitions, etc. Several types of professional microphones are installed in theme parks to enhance the customer experience. The growth in the global exhibitions market has historically been driven by corporate profitability that arose from the fluidic movement of capital, goods, and people that is likely to propel the market demand for professional microphones worldwide.

  • Over 120 stadiums were constructed between 2016 and 2017 across the world. Vendors in the market are providing new resources such as lounges and show-floor activations. All these resources are likely to drive the demand for sophisticated microphones.
  • Driven by the growth in the live music industry; construction of new worship places; stadiums and arenas; theme parks; the demand for sound reinforcement equipment and solutions in the large venues and events segment reached $455.3 million in 2018.

Educational Institutions: The education sector has been transformed as IoT makes its way inside universities, colleges, and schools. Educational institutions utilize professional microphones for sound reinforcement, as the trend of smart campuses continues to move forward and expected to drive the demand in the market.

  • The education sector is witnessing an upsurge in academic seminars and conferences.
  • Growth in universities and construction of lecture halls and auditorium, and the increasing adoption of theatre facilities in campuses are factors driving the market growth globally.

Studio and Broadcasting: Professional microphones are an integral part of the music industry and broadcasting operations. Music studios use sophisticated sound reinforcement equipment to record music, which, in turn, develop the demand for professional microphones.

TV, radio, cable, and satellite broadcasting are witnessing a shift, and these platforms are integrating with digital sources. Microphones, along with other sound reinforcement equipment, are used in studios for podcasting, voice-overs, and announcements.

  • The North American broadcasting industry is over a billion-dollar industry, which is co-relatively pushing the demand for professional microphones.
  • The music recording industry in the US alone reached over $13 billion in 2017.

Music and broadcasting industries are witnessing a boom worldwide, hence the need for professional microphones is likely to witness significant growth.Request for your free sample now!Key Vendors

  • Audio-Technica
  • HARMAN International
  • MUSIC Group
  • Sennheiser Electronic
  • Shure
  • Sony
  • Yamaha

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