Programmable Logic Controllers for Better Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

13 November 2017

Efficiency in the implementation of vital processes in operational domains is a pre-requisite for success. And ensuring successful implementation of these processes become even more challenging for unconventional applications. This gave rise to the requirement of re-thinking, in terms of computing capabilities and compatibilities, the designs of conventional mechanical and automation systems.

Customized and effective human machine interfaces (HMI) ensure minimal reliance on human labor, increased safety aspect of operations and higher quality and precision.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a key component of the growing automation trend. PLC plays a vital role in controlling key components of an automation process, by keeping a tab on processes and collecting feedback for continuous improvement with minimal human efforts.

  View Report: PLC Market in Europe – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

PLC Market: Insight

With the rising need for better human machine interfaces, programmable logic controller systems have evolved to be an exclusive market segment driven by both macroeconomic trends and industry-specific mandates that include rising labor wages, implementing stringent rules to ensure workspace safety, and employing energy-efficient products.

According to a market research report, PLC Market Global Outlook and Forecast 2017 2022 by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, the global PLC market is expected to cross $46 billion by 2022.

Characterized by moderate competitive rivalry among vendors. Some vendors in this market focus on specific end-users such as industrial automation, marine, and rail. Most vendors, however, have an extended product portfolio along with a wide array of integrate-able accessories and customization options. The modular programmable logic controllers segment will witness maximum growth and will consolidate its position as the dominant segment in the market

Historically, we have seen a significantly high presence of industrial automation in developed countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan, which, over time, trickled down to manufacturing powerhouses such as China and Taiwan.

Establishment of semiconductor fabricators and electronic assembly units, involving the highest degree of automation, in the Asian economies of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China is set to increase the demand for programmable logic controllers over the next five years.Global Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Market: Manufacturer Dynamics

Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron are the major players in the global PLC market. Other prominent vendors include ABB, General Electric, Toshiba, Kontron, Honeywell, Panasonic, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Emerson Electric, Yokogawa

  View Report: PLC Market in Europe – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

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