Church & Dwight, Ansell, and Reckitt Benckiser Likely to Lead the Global Condom Market by 2023

26 March 2018

Product innovations and wide availability of different kinds of products are boosting the growth of the global condom market size. The paradigm shift in consumers’ interest and attitude and growing demand for innovative product portfolio is creating new avenues for leading vendors and gain a larger global condom market size. The reduced social stigma around sexual wellness products such as condoms and lubes will encourage top companies to leverage the opportunities to launch new products in the global market. Furthermore, the growing popularity of online retail websites is encouraging mass-market retail chains such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and drug retailers such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Boots to market their products on e-commerce websites.

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The leading players in the global condom market are:

1. Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight has ten key brands that are called as “Power Brands,” and these brands represent approximately 80% of its consumer sales. The company sells products under the brand name of Trojan and Magnum. It entered the sexual lubricant market in 2013 by introducing its Crazy Sexy Feel sexual lubricant under the TROJAN brand. The TROJAN product portfolio includes vibrators and sexual lubricants. The company tests products electronically to ensure reliability and presents more than 30 varieties of TROJAN brand. Church & Dwight regularly conducts a financial review of its suppliers to assess both their financial viability and the importance of their products to the company’s operations to maintain their global condom market size.

Key News: Church & Dwight has ventured into selling products via e-commerce for various brands and is looking forward to engaging its experience from other brands and applying it to the sales of these products through e-commerce and gain a larger global condom market size.

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2. Ansell (now Lifestyles Holdco)

Ansell offers sexual wellness products such as sexual lubricants, devices, and fragrances under its sexual wellness brand portfolio such as SKYN, Blowtex, LifeStyles, JISSBON, Kama Sutra, and MANIX. The SKYN brand offered by the company are made with SKYNFEEL, a technologically advanced polyisoprene material that is free from natural latex and will help Ansell dominate the market size. The company has a strong technical team that is constantly striving to design, develop, and manufactures technologically competitive solutions that are demanded by the consumers to boost its global condom market size. Ansell has lucrative opportunities to grow in the MEA market and enter into collaboration with research institutes to explore and invent innovative products to boost sales and the global condom market size.

Key News: Ansell in March 2017, announced to sell its sexual wellness business to a consortium of Chinas Humanwell Healthcare and CITIC for $800 million. This venture will expand the global condom market size during the forecast period.

3. Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser offers condoms, sex toys, and sexual lubricants under its brand Durex and offers K-Y brand of lubricants, the rights of which were acquired in 2014 from Johnson & Johnson. Both Durex and K-Y have a global reputation and have been demonstrating healthy growth in demand across the world and increase market size. In 2016, the company also purchased the condom and sexual lubricant business of Brazil-based Hypermaras, a leading generic drug manufacturer and the seller of products under brands such as Jontex, Olla, and Lovetex. This acquisition had strengthened its business along with brand-equity and go-to-market capabilities in Brazil. The wide availability of different products will help Reckitt Benckiser to sustain the competition and gain a larger global condom market size.

Key News: Reckitt Benckiser is planning to explore untapped global condom market size in Southeast Asia such as India, Thailand, and Indonesia along with markets in China, Japan, and South Korea.The other prominent players to dominate the global condom market size are BILLY BOY, Convex Latex, Cupid Limited, Fuji Latex, HBM Group, HLL Lifecare Ltd., Innova Quality, IXu, Karex Berhad, LELO, MTLC Latex, Sagami Rubber Industries, Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co., Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Co., Silk Parasol, StaySafe Condoms, STRATA Various Product Design, Thai Nippon Rubber Industry (TNR), Tianjin Condombao, and VERU (The Female Health Company).View Ariztons Full Report On Global Condom MarketYou may reach us at

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