Aqua Products, Hayward Industries, Maytronics, Pentair & Zodiac Pool Systems are the market leaders

An ocean would be a lot less interesting without sharks. And a market would be a lot less competitive without big players setting the benchmark for service and product innovation and excellence.

The pool equipment and maintenance market is no exception to this.

There has been an unprecedented growth in the number of swimming pools being constructed, in both the residential and commercial spaces across geographies, to keep pace with the growing tourism and hospitality industry, and to address the increasing awareness for fitness among the urban populace.

The more the swimming pools, the more is the need to maintain them and keep them clean and functional! And some pool cleaning service providers have taken the first opportunity to make their presence felt in this yet-not-totally tapped market.

One such service provider is the New Jersey based Aqua Products Inc. The innovative and forward-thinking Aqua Products raced towards the top of the market by successfully marrying-off traditional techniques with innovative technologies.  Its signature solution, Aquabot, was introduced in 1982. A robotic pool cleaning solution, Aquabot is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Aqua Products It offers the widest variety of innovative, technology-driven, efficient, and cost-effective pool cleaning products, helping it build on to and consolidate its position as a leader in the market.

Another New Jersey-based service provider, Hayward Industries Inc. has been engaged in designing, manufacturing, and distributing pool cleaning equipment since 1925. Aiming to make “your pool experience worry and hassle-free”, Hayward has been focusing on manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment that are efficient, require little maintenance and give high return on investment. Supporting the market demands across geographies, Hayward has consolidated its position as a leader in the market by ensuring quality and total pool cleaning equipment line.

The Israel based Maytronics Group, founded in 1983 and with subsidiaries in Australia, France, and the US, offers a wide range of automatic pool cleaners, pool safety products, and eco-friendly water treatment solutions for residential and commercial swimming pools worldwide. Maytronics pioneered the field of automatic pool cleaning, through Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. Constantly raising the bar with their state-of-the-art products and technologies that are an unmatched combination of innovation and high-end aesthetic design, Maytronics has consolidated their position as a trend-setter and a market leader.

Founded in 2013, Ireland based Pentair PLC is a relatively new entrant in the pool equipment and maintenance market, but is definitely not a pushover. A water and fluid control solution provider across industries ranging from mining and food processing to pharmaceuticals and telecommunication, Pentair also provides pool cleaning solutions. Kreepy Krauly Prowler, Pentair’s signature pool cleaning product is a robotic pool cleaning vacuum cleaner.

The California based Zodiac Pool Systems Inc. is another major player in the pool equipment and maintenance market. Incorporated in 1999, Zodiac is a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and swimming pool accessories. A subsidiary of Zodiac Marine Holding SAS, it sells its products under the brand names of Zodiac, Polaris, Jandy Pro Series, Caretaker, SAVI, Nature2, and Cover-Pools.

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