Functional chewing gums have more health benefits than traditional chewing gums. Nicotine gums, oral health gums, dietary gums, and lifestyle gums are the most common types of functional chewing gums. The functional chewing gum segment accounts for approximately 24.19% of the global chewing gum market, which is expected to reach around$10 billion by 2024. To increase the sale of chewing gums, vendors are incorporating several benefits such as energy gums, tooth whitening gums, sleep gums, weight reducing gums, focus gums among others. For instance, Khlôros Technologies (Chewed) has introduced a functional gum for relieving hangovers and increasing energy, concentration, and sleep.

Geographically, APAC accounts for the largest share and has captured around half of the functional chewing gum market. The presence of a large proportion of the young population, growth in health challenges such as obesity, diabetes, and a large proportion of the smoking population are primarily driving the market for functional chewing gums in the region.

Sliming Chewing Gums have been effective in managing weight loss

According to several surveys, around 604 million adults and 108 million children are suffering from obesity worldwide.Obesity can largely be prevented by reducing fat and sugar intake, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and engaging in physical activities. Chewing gums can significantly reduce the calorie intake,thereby facilitating the weight management process. Manufacturers have introduced special functional chewing gums with added ingredients that help to curb hunger, reduce fat, and decrease weight in consumers. For instance, CévaSlim is a functional gum with added ingredients such as chlorogenic acid that inhibits formations of glucose in the liver, thus absorbing fat directly from the food taken.

Similarly, WUGUM introduced diet gums, which stimulate the secretion of required fluids without adding calories to the body. Hence, sliming chewing gums help to reduce weight by curbing hunger and extra eating.

Sugar-Free Chewing Gums Stop Tooth Decay

Sugar-free chewing gums captured more than half of the global chewing gum market in 2018. Clinical studies have proven that sugar-free chewing gums help to maintain oral health by producing more saliva. They are sweetened using natural ingredients such as aspartame, xylitol, sorbitol, or mannitol, which restrict the production of plague bacteria. Several key chewing manufacturers are using xylitol as a sweetening agent in functional chewing gums due to xylitol’s multiple health benefits. Some of the popular brands of functional chewing gums with Xylitol includes Trident, Epic dental, Orbit, Spry, Lotte. The rising trend for sugar-free chewing gum is expected to drive the functional chewing gumsmarket during the forecast period.

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