The growing demand for stage lighting solutions from developed countries such as the US, Japan, the UK, Germany, and France is propelling the growth of the stage lighting fixture market. The growing demand for these products and increasing end-users’ spending sentiments on music concerts and festivals worldwide will positively impact the development of the market. The booming commercial real estate, hospitality, corporate, and music markets across countries such as China, Germany, Japan, and India will propel the demand for stage lighting fixtures and control solutions in the global market. The use of wireless digital technology and use of LED systems will contribute to the growing revenues in the stage lighting fixture market. The use of innovative solutions with advanced features and the introduction of product upgrades will transform the market over the next few years. The stage lighting fixture market is anticipated to reach revenues of around $2.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of over 4% during 2017-2023.

The different types of fixtures available in the stage lighting fixture market are listed below:

·         Based on Light Type

1.    PARs

PARs are an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflectors and are most commonly used in concert lighting and theatrical performances in the global market. PARs are one of the most cost-efficient lighting fixtures in the stage lighting fixture market with few features such as focus or shuttering. These fixtures produce light with high brightness and are good for color washes. The growing use of PARs in big outdoor and indoor spaces such as stadiums, large concerts, and party halls will transform the stage lighting fixture market.

2.    Striplights & Cyc Lights

Striplights find their usage in many places such as the house of worship, museum and art exhibitions, and bands. Cyclorama or Cyc lights are specialized light designed to wash a large curtain, scenery, or cyclorama evenly. The increasing number of roadshow performances and art exhibitions is augmenting the growth of this segment in the stage lighting fixture market. The rising focus on backstage visualization and greater demand for cool visual effects and vertical symmetry are driving the demand for these products in the market.

3.    Ellipsoidals

The ellipsoidal, or ellipsoidal reflector is a spotlight and is also known as lekos, which are used where the controllable field of light is needed. The versatility of these fixtures which allows them too to produce soft and hard beams, color lights using gels, gobo pattern projections, and have shutters to the shape of the beam of lights will drive the demand in the stage lighting fixture market. The cost-effectiveness of these products with enhanced compact lamp filaments and better lens design is driving the growth of this segment. The rise in the number of trade shows, events, theatrical performances, and touring programs by celebrities will contribute to the revenues in the stage lighting fixture market.

4.    Fresnels

Fresnels are known to create the soft-edged, even pool of light and have variable focus, i.e., spot and flood. The extensive use of fresnels in video studio environment owing to the smooth, even, soft, and bright light they provide will augment the growth of the stage lighting fixture market.LED modules are replacing the tungsten fresnels as they can match the same levels of brightness at one-third of power consumption. Such innovations will create lucrative opportunities for vendors in the stage lighting fixture market.

5.    Followspots

Followspots are used mostly in theatrical performances where the specific focus on required on the moving object. These lighting fixtures are usually much brighter than the rest of the stage lighting to attract the audience’s attention. The efforts are made to automate the followspotting by vendors is transforming the stage lighting fixture market.

6.    Beam Projectors

Beam projectors are spotlights which work without any lens and have the capability to produce direct, strong beams of light during the stage shows and other events. These fixtures are used to highlight soloists on stage along with moving, sweeping, and multiplying the energy of the band in the stage lighting fixture market.Beam projectors are used as specialty fixture in the US and the UK markets.

7.    Scoops

Scoops are basic wide washing lights and are optimal for theatrical settings and are known to produce very diffused, soft-edged beams of light. These fixtures are optimal for color blending and creating even and smooth washes of light in the stage lighting fixture market. Scoops are usedin theaters, TV, and photographic studios as floodlights, remote fill light, or as a cyclorama fixture.

·         Based on Fixture Movement

8.    Automated/Intelligent Fixtures

Automated/intelligent fixtures are also known as moving lights, robotic lights, and wiggle lights. The brightness and flexibility of these lights are leveraged in concerts, exhibitions, and trade shows in the stage lighting fixture market.The usage of automated fixtures adds adaptability in a show as any last-minute adjustments can be accommodated without any hassle. The ability to configure the sound to a light mode where color, movement, and brightness follow the music will revolutionize the global market.

9.    Static Fixtures

Static fixtures are an imperative part and parcel of the stage lighting fixture market. These fixtures are best suitable for fixed installations in places such as huge exhibition halls, trade show venues, convention centers, theaters, and the house of worships. The small convention centers, museums, theaters, and performance arts studio are the major end-users of static fixtures in the global market.

·         Based on Light Source

10. Conventional Lighting

Conventional lighting sources include halogen, incandescent lamps, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent integrated and non-integrated lamps, and compact HID lamps. These light sources are the largest category in the stage lighting fixture market. The cost-effectiveness and brightness of these products are propelling the growth of this segment in the stage lighting fixture market.

11. LED Lighting

The exponential proliferation of LED devices is fueling the share growth of the LED stage lighting fixture market worldwide. These lighting modules are designed to not only offer brightness matching with those of conventional light sources but also save money in terms of energy consumption and repurchase cycle. These light modules also help lower the utility bills as they are more cost-effective than their conventional counterparts available in the stage lighting fixture market.

The list of top vendors operating in the stage lighting fixture market are:

  • HARMAN International (Samsung)
  • Osram
  • Philips
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