Stock Music:TV Styling Digital Programs

03 July 2019

The most popular video content genres include entertainment, information-based and funny. Educational videos are more in demand with about 63% of consumers preferring such videos on social media. The introduction of artificial intelligent music composition platforms is another interesting development in the global stock music market. Players such as Amper have introduced Amper Score, an end-to-end platform that can churn out tunes that fit a specific length, style, and structure.Growth of TV Styling Programming

The increasing penetration of the internet and internet-based devices has led to the growth of social media, thereby increasing demand for visual content. Social networks are recording passive behaviors among consumers wherein they are catching up onnews, looking for entertainment during in-between moments, and watching videos to kill time. To keep viewers hooked, social media is offering new advertising inventory and pushing brands to craft TV-style content. For instance, Facebook is leveraging the “watch” tab to fuel original social-first programming. Similarly, snapchat provides made-for-social TV for mass access, and YouTube has entered into the content partnership with brands. Further, stock music accounts for a large part of TV styling digital programs. These platforms are rolling out an array of video content, pre-made songs, and sound effects that are expected to drive the stock music market globally in the coming years.

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Growth of Platform Integration

Platform integration has become an important tool of the stock music market. It provides an intuitive search experience, facilitating easier and faster utilization of stock music through the integration of music libraries across applications. Simply by providing them in-program, users are saved from the added hassle of leaving their workspace, thereby enabling them to generate products through seamless utilization of their resources.

These unified locations provide value to creators’ workflow by making their creative processes a lot more structured. They put all the control in the hands of the creator, thereby helping reduce costs of having to source content from outside and ridding users of the trouble with work coming to a grinding halt caused by dependency and delays. Such moves create opportunities to expand the distribution base while increasing the affinity in the market. From video editing to website creation, several players in the market are offering up APIs to introduce their libraries to an extensive and relevant user base. For instance, Storyblocks introduced a developer portal, which offers flat free pricing, licensing through API, unlimited API calls, unlimited content downloads, and legal protection and indemnification.Read: Stock Music Market Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024You may reach us at

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