Are Stock Photos and Videos Redefining Businesses?

06 December 2019

The exponential use of digitalization in the modern-day world has given a new dimension to the stock images and videos market. New digital form of marketing has completely replaced conventional marketing. Today, digital marketing is driving creative minds to present an image that speaks thousand words. There are several major brands, which leverage such creative stock photos and videos to promote their products digitally.

While stock photos and videos have creatively been used in several industries, this blog reflects on major media, publishing, and digital marketers that leverage images and videos.

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Marketers: An effective marketing campaign not only thrives on textual content but also relies on image formats, video stories, and posts shared on digital platforms. Marketers are focusing on emotional resonance and spend over 120 minutes a week to source or build visual content.

Marketers are beginning to realize humanizing their brand with mood-boosting images would make a special connection with consumers. Serial video marketing is a storytelling trend that marketers are investing. They want to hook customers to binge-worthy content and in the age of Netflix, the serial video demand is high. Hence, several types of visual content are utilized to create rich and meaningful context as there is a wide acceptance of such content.

Films and TV Producers: A high volume of TV content is shared via the internet. This allows more time for addressable TV, where marketers use technology to streamline and divide audiences based on their characteristics, including behavior. One of the popular stock image brands introduced as a one-stop-shop for digital assets, offering overlays, transitions, head-up display, video kits, and UI elements and physical effects. Another trend that is surfacing in the stock photos and videos market is the use of stock video cinematographers to pre-visualize scenes from scripted content, thereby saving time and effort.

Media and Publishing Companies: The increasing number of social media users has led to several collaborations between media and service providers. One of the popular social media platforms has grown on to become a source of sports and entertainment TV, offering media and publishing companies an opportunity to promote the video and image content on social media platforms. Businesses in the travel sector are driving a spike in the demand for spherical GoPro and first-person videos, specifically in track driving and motocross events. This demand will further grow and push the stock photos and videos market.

Businesses and Individual Creators: The growth of visual content has fueled small business advertising via online channels as they allow effective marketing despite budget constraints. SMEs engage in more marketing practices than larger firms; they are more likely to explore innovative forms of marketing via utilization of stock photos and videos to push their products and services.

Businesses are increasingly using videos for training and employee onboarding. They are also offering self-paced e-learning modules as videos have become the favored format to engage employees and monetize content.Prominent Vendors

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  • Visual China Group (VCG)

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