Impact of Surgical Robots on Global Surgical Equipment Market

23 October 2017

Modern invention and innovation in technology has captivated almost all industries and is continuously influencing the market growth across the world.  The surgical equipment market is also influenced due to product innovations.

A recent report by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, which includes the study of global surgical equipment market has provided some evident that the launch of advanced products is likely to impact the global market. The report Surgical Equipment Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022, states that the advent of surgical robots is expected to drive the market growth.

  View Report: Surgical Equipment Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

Demand for surgical robots to drive global surgical equipment market growth

The increased need for robotic surgery will likely drive the demand for surgical equipment. Robotic assisted surgeries require the integration of various surgical equipment, including power tools to perform various procedures. For instance, surgical robots work with four arms, which increased the demand for various surgical equipment, including power tools. For instance, the University of Washington has developed surgical robots that can use multiple surgical tools during operations. Surgical robots are self-powered, computer-controlled devices that can be programmed to aid the positioning and manipulation of surgical instruments. Advantages associated with these systems will drive the adoption substantially. For instance, surgical robotic systems provide less post-surgical complications and help in reducing labor cost. Therefore, large-scale hospitals in developed and developing economies are looking to prefer automated surgical robots that can be integrated with surgical equipment. For instance, the number of surgical procedures that use Intuitive Surgicals robotic machines stood at approximately 0.7 million in 2015 (worldwide), indicating an increase of 15% over the previous fiscal year. In developing countries such as India, the demand for robotic surgeries is expected to increase and hospitals are increasingly adopting surgical robots. About 30 healthcare facilities in India have already adopted surgical robots to provide better patient care. This indicates that there is an increased adoption of surgical equipment required to carry out robotic surgeries. For instance, in 2015, more than 4,000 surgical procedures were witnessed in India. Therefore, the shift to robotic-assisted surgeries will increase the demand for surgical equipment.

The report also provides a detailed study of major trends in the global market that are likely to affect the growth during the forecast period.

Innovation likely to change global surgical equipment market dynamics

Continuous focus of innovation will certainly bring substantial growth opportunities in the market. Vendors are increasingly pursuing new product development strategies to bring innovative products into the market. For instance, in October 2016, In’Tech Medical SAS, a launched a new Wayvio platform, which is dedicated to drive standalone surgical instruments with smart communication tools.

  View Report: Surgical Equipment Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

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