Top 5 Vendors to Dominate the Global ESL Market by 2023

23 March 2018

New technology and robust electronic shelf labels are revolutionizing the retail industry. The global ESL market to generate revenues of over $1,675 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 28% during 2018−2023. The leading vendors are investing in procuring advanced technology to offer innovative solutions and gain market share in the highly competitive global ESL market. Emerging display models integrated with LED and e-paper technologies with real-time pricing, limited offers, and brand information will ensure easier purchase decisions for consumers in grocery stores and supermarkets. Technology is at the forefront of revolutionizing inventory management and digital price tags in the world market. Modern shelf signage connected via LAN, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth are integrating geo-fencing that enables retailers to drive consumers to aisles that usually record less traffic.

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The leading companies contributing to the development of the electronic shelf label market are listed below:

1. SES Imagotag

The launch of Jeggy S, a pioneering software launched by SES – imagotag, is transforming the global ESL market. The Jeggy S software was developed to offer in-store price management and synchronization. The product is also designed to operationalize the use of data to product locations, stock levels, purchase history, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. SES imagotag links the multi-com infrastructure and manages the price changes, product geo-location services, NFC shopping, and special offers for superior shopping experiences in the retail sector.

Key News: SES imagotag forms partnership with Wirecard to enhance in-store experience, increase store efficiency, automate low-value-added processes, and improve in-store shopper connectivity in the ESL market.


Pricer’s SmartTAG labels are edge-shelf communication tools that increase digital interaction with shoppers and increase their satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty among consumers. The company’s price automation solutions are central to the store automation and provide accuracy and price flexibility at the shelf-edges in the ESL market. Companies are offering solutions to support effective promotion encompassing geolocation and SmartFlash capabilities that support store tasks such as positioning and removing promotion tags and other such activities.

Key News: Pricer recently launched its new digital strategy at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual convention in New York, US.


Displaydata introduced ESL solutions integrated with Bluetooth that show launch promotions and display updated stock levels in the store that results in improved operational efficiencies in the ESL market. The new labels have an electrophoretic display that provides a range of color options and a Bluetooth network using a simple infrastructure to engage, target, and personalize promos for shoppers’ smartphones. The ESL solutions provide two-way communication by reporting the updates and providing the details such as a battery, voltage, and temperature.

Key News: Displaydata Ltd. is increasing their investments in the global ESL market by forming long-term partnerships with Trillium International, DFJ Esprit, Lansdowne Partners and TTP Ventures, and Zebra Technologies Corp.


Altierre labels use the Altierre Layout Designer software (ALD), which makes labels infinitely customizable. These labels can display logos, images, animation of price display, or consumer information as per the requirements of retailers. The company provides battery powered wireless out of stock sensors and battery powered wireless temperature sensors, thereby boosting the consumer’s in-store experience in the global electronic shelf label market. The company’s new W Tags with multiple screen memories will assist retailers by displaying the store operations information and improving the capability to schedule multiple promotions.

Key News: Altierre Corp. formed a strategic business alliance with Motion Display to introduce innovative display units in the global ESL market.


DIGI’s Total Point of Purchase System provides seamless integration of display units and innovative technology such as NFC and POS technology to offer higher store efficiency, better return on investment, and efficient manpower deployment. The retail operations of the system allow the store to control the price display, price verification, and mobile shopping within a single system, which allows retailers to have central control of the price.

Key News: DIGI recently launched LI-5600, that maximizes the efficiency of in-store pre-packaging operation and has a condensed, space-saving design that reduces shelf space consumption in the ESL market.

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The other prominent players in the market are E-Ink Holdings Inc, Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEMCO), Mirador Marketing, CEST Ltd, LG Innotak, NZ Electronic Shelf Label, Opticon Inc, Hanshow Technology, Pervasive Displays Inc., (PDI), and Wincor Nixdorf.View Ariztons Full Report On Global ESL MarketYou may reach us at

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