Is Expansion Projects Attracting Vendors to the Global Colocation Market?

22 October 2018

The growing adoption of cloud-based services, big data analytics, and IoT services is propelling the need for new facilities and attributing to the revenues in the global colocation market.  The US, Western Europe, China & Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand contribute to the highest revenues in the global market. The construction of new facilities will promote innovations that aim to enhance the operational efficiency of facilities, reduce power consumption, and decrease carbon emissions in the market. The rise in multiple expansion and newly-built projects across the US and Canada will attract leading vendors in the global colocation market. Colocation providers are partnering with modular datacenter developers to incorporate modular systems in their facilities that will increase the flexibility, efficiency, and reduce cost in facility development to boost revenues in the market. Furthermore, the providers are investing in multiple wholesale spaces compared to retail spaces in the global market.

The global colocation market is estimated to generate investments worth around $31 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 8% during 2017-2023.

The research report offers market size analysis regarding colocation services during the forecast period.

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The list of top seven vendors operating in the global data center colocation market are discussed in detail below:

1.    CyrusOne

CyrusOne is a leading datacenter provider, operating over 40 facilities across the globe with over 5 million square feet of rentable space in the global colocation market. The company serves around 1,000 customers through its facilities worldwide.The company’s strategic initiatives would include expanding to a new market, where  high demand from existing and new customers is expected. In 2017, CyrusOne also strengthened its presence in the APAC market by investing $100 million in GDS Holdings. The company will also involve in initiatives to increase the occupancy rates and interconnection services in the global colocation market.

Key news:In June 2018, CyrusOne purchases around 70 acres of land for the second datacenter development in Mesa, Arizona.

2.    China Telecom Global

China Telecom is among the leading telecommunication providers in China, providing both data, cloud, wholesale voice, and managed services. The company operates over 400 IDCs across China and other parts of the worldin the global colocation market. Among these, there are 20 tier-IV and more than 90 tier-III datacenters connected to a multiple global private and public data circuits, connecting various countries through highly available and secure colocation services in the global colocation market.

Key news:China Telecom partners with GDS Partners along with China Unicom and State Development Investment Corporation (SDIC) for datacenter development across China in January 2018.

3.    Digital Realty

Digital Realty provides colocation and interconnection services worldwide for a wide range of industry verticals such as cloud and IT services, financial services, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer products in the global colocation market. Microsoft and Facebook are the major customers for DuPont Fabros Technology, with revenue contribution of around 45% toward annual rental.  The combined commitment to renewable energy sources to power their facilities will add more customers to its growing portfolio in the global colocation market during the forecast period.

Key news: In June 2018, Digital Realty opened46 MW datacenter at Toronto comprising 23 computer rooms ranging with up to around 13,000 square feet with power capacities up to 3 MW per room.

4.    Equinix

Equinix is a colocation and interconnection provider operating in more than 180 datacenters in the global colocation market. The company supports more than 9,000 organizations worldwide through 48 facilities located in the strategic markets. Equinix has server customers across five major segments that consist of cloud and IT services, content providers, enterprises, financial companies, and network and mobile services in the global colocation market. The company has around 82%, 82%, 74% of its occupancy rate in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, respectively with billable cabinets of around 195,000 units.

Key news:Equinix announces to expand LD4 datacenter with an investment of $39 million comprising 1,075 cabinets and around 35,000 square feet of colocation area.

5.    Interxion

Interxion is among the leading developers and operators of datacenters in Europe. The company is currently operating 50 data centers across 13 cities, servicing over 2,000 customers in the global colocation market. Interxion generated 27% of revenue from the top 10 customers, where 13% from one Fortune500 customer in the market. The company generates around 22% revenues through facilities in Germany, followed by France, The Netherlands, and the UK at around 17%, 16%, and 9%, respectively in the global colocation market.

Key news:Interxion announces two new datacenter build-outs in Amsterdam (AMS10) and Frankfurt (FRA14) and the expansion of Amsterdam Science Park facility (AMS9.2) in May 2018.

6.    NTT Communications

NTT Communications is a leading telecommunication provider in Japan and operates data centers across the world with a strong presence in the APAC regionin the global colocation market. The company provides datacenter services through its Nexcenter division. NTT Communications established a strong presence in the APAC and EMEA regions through the acquisition of e-shelter and RangingWire. NTT also offers cloud-based services for its customers through data centers in the global colocation market.

Key news: In April 2018, NTT launches Tokyo No. 10 Data Center to strengthen its hybrid ICT solutions,which integratefacilities, cloud, and network infrastructure platforms.

7.    Switch

Switch is one of the leading developers of datacenters in the global colocation market. The company is involved in the design, construction, and operation of facilities in the market. The company’s CEO Rob Roy has more than 400 issued and pending patents concerning datacenter design, development, and related technology.Switch operates in more than 4 million square feet of datacenter space, generating around 400MW of power in the global colocation market.

Key news:Switch announces to build 1 GW, the largest solar project in Nevada, which is named after the designer “Rob Roys Gigawatt Nevada” in February 2018.

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