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02 December 2019

When we say “cheese” no wonder a broad smile appears on our faces, our mood gets elated due to its sumptuous taste and source of protein, it delivers. Vegans should be feeling ecstatic as plant-based cheese is getting popular and the fact that makes them happy is the convenience with which these products can be purchased. Distributors are leveraging multi-channel platforms to expand their consumer base and market growth prospects.

The application of vegan cheese is on the surge as several consumers struggle to include milk and other dairy products in their diet due to personal dietary restrictions, lactose intolerance, dairy-related allergies, and other challenges.

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This blog explores some of the most popular derivations of vegan cheese that are made from a variety of sources.

Soy-based: This type of cheese is made out of soymilk. A slice contains approximately 45 calories and 2 grams of fat, which is lower and healthier than regular dairy-based cheddar ones.

There is no presence of lactose and is preferred by consumers suffering from lactose intolerance, diabetes, cholesterol, and other heart-related diseases. The demand for soy-based products is growing due to the growth in the vegan population and the increased number of heart-related disorders.

Almond-based: It is casein-free and comprises high level of nutrients. This type of vegan cheese requires less processing and has a smooth texture with creamy layer and nutty flavor.

The increasing health awareness in the millennial population is increasing, so is the demand for nutritious products such as almond cheese. This helps to improve bone strength, reduce blood pressure, and maintain healthy skin. Dynamic lifestyle and consumption patterns, growing awareness of animal welfare and other socio-economic factors are expected to play a key role in bolstering market growth of the segment.

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Coconut-based: This is another popular vegan cheese product. It contains a high amount of saturated fat and oil that helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.

North America accounted for the largest market, followed by Europe in 2019. However, there is increasing demand of this product in coconut-producing countries, especially in APAC, thereby expanding market growth.

Cashew-based: Cashew cheese is the most popular source for vegan cheese and is one of the favorites among vegan consumers owing to its creamy, dairy cheese-like texture. This product is expected to witness the fastest growth and bolster the market.

Several manufacturers across the globe are entering the market and expanding their presence on account of high demand worldwide. One of the key manufacturers from Canada observed an explosive growth due to high demand in the country.

Prominent Vendors

  • Kite Hill
  • Bute Island -Cheese
  • Violife
  • Field Roast
  • Daiya Foods
  • Miyoko’s Creamery
  • Wayfare

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