Top 4 Vendors in the North America Window and Door Industry

01 September 2021

The North America windows and doors industry is continuously growing with the presence of a large number of manufacturers across the region. Players are integrating high-efficiency doors and windows in their product portfolio that enables consumers to improve the thermal efficiency of their dwellings, this results in innovations and investments to incline toward the market. In North America, the growth of the windows and doors industry players depends on its condition, economic growth, and industry development. Vendors can boost their profitability by practicing efficient production by purchasing raw materials according to their demand, which will minimize the risk associated with the shortage of products at the time of production. Market players are expected to invest and introduce various products to survive and succeed in the competitive environment.

Access to the capital requirements bars the entry of new players in the market as the development and commercialization of efficient glazing technologies remain with a few key capital-intensive areas. Companies can also boost profitability by practicing efficient production techniques that minimize production costs and mitigate associated risks. The rising new construction projects of commercial spaces are creating avenues for vendors to promote their doors and window systems. In the US commercial windows and doors industry, several advancements have been used and developed by large vendors, offering opportunistic areas for growth to medium and specialized vendors in regions. Players are channeling a part of their investments to develop doors that provide higher thermal efficiency that has the capability of seamlessly and becoming a part of the emerging connected infrastructure concept.

The North America windows and doors industry market size to cross USD 67 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of approximately 4% during 2021-2026

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Top 4 Vendors Functioning in the North America Windows and Doors Industry are as below:


Jeld-Wen has increased its footprint in Europe and has become one of the leading vendors in the North America windows and doors industry. The company has opportunities to increase its market share in Central and Southern Europe, which are emerging markets with a positive construction industry outlook for the residential sector. Jeld-Wen diversifies into building integrated photovoltaic solutions, leveraging its expertise in large window units.

Key Strategy:

Jeld-Win aims to pursue top-line growth and increase long-term value for shareholders. The company follows disciplined capital allocation and its operations to expand its margins to maximize its profits.

  1. Anderson Windows and Doors

Anderson windows and doors offer a wide range of doors and windows across the world. The company focuses on maintaining the quality, durability, and strength of windows and doors. According to the recent regulations and trends to adopt sustainable energy sources, the company has opportunities to showcase the thermal efficiency of its doors and windows, which reduce energy consumption, save energy costs, and reduce carbon footprint.

Key Strategy:

Anderson windows and doors have built high standards industry and manufacture premium quality windows in North America. Its growth strategy is to acquire companies that are leaders in local and regional markets.

  1. Pella

Pella products have high performance in terms of sound, energy, thermal resistance, and coping with changing weather. It has more than 17 manufacturing units located in the country with around 200 showrooms. The energy-efficient doors and windows offered by the company is sold across 50 states in the US with ENERGY STAR guidelines. The company also has high-performance doors and windows that help in reducing more than 52% of sound as compared to single-pane windows. The rise in home renovation activities in North America is creating high opportunities for the company to market its replacement doors and windows.

Key Strategy: Pella offers high-performance wood windows and patio doors that have the highest revenue share. The company has issued more than 150 products and design patents for different windows and doors.

  1. Cornerstone Building Brands

Cornerstone Building Brands is one of the leading manufacturers of exterior building products in North America as of 2020. Cornerstone Building Brands also offers doors and windows under several other brands including Silver Line, Simonton, Atrium, America Craftsman, and Great lakes.

Key Strategy: Cornerstone Building Brands offers a robust portfolio of doors and windows with diversified materials, designs, and styles of installation.

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